Your Office Buddy

Sunday, September 27, 2015

So glad the hard work paid off! This may look like an office to you but behind the scenes, my sister and I actually made this little "office" corner possible for these pictures to be taken and they all turned out so awesome I just had to share it.

Tee-saurus mailed me their Office Buddy Sketchpad which is suitable for people who are working in the office! But in my opinion, this can also be suitable for students as well because of how quirky and fun the sketchpad is!

What is special about this Sketchpad is that it is filled with a total of 10 badass Singlish messages. Way to be Singaporean while being creative. There are also blank sheets of sketch paper included.

As their description on the website says, "Designed and made in Singapore for Singaporeans". But hey, it would be fun for non-Singaporeans to own one of these too!

Disclaimer: Product is sponsored by Tee-saurus. I am not required/obligated to blog about it but I did it because I thought it was a fun thing to share. 

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