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Thursday, September 03, 2015

Never thought that I would have my second attempt at yoga after the first. Not because I had a bad experience with it but because I don't have that much confidence that I would be flexible enough to do it.

But when the opportunity comes, I took it. I felt like doing yoga once in a while could have a positive impact in my thoughts and how I perceive things; more than just having a flexible body. I learnt that the yoga that I would be doing is called Jivamukti.

Jivamukti is a yoga method that aspires to greater peace, unity, environmental awareness and karma consciousness. It includes encouraging all to avoid harm and violence. It ultimately manifests the sacred notion of oneness in all beings. 

Sounded like it would do me good with all the bad thoughts that had been on mind lately, so why not?

Very thankful for Lucy from for the invite to #BLOGMEETSG! I had a lot of fun meeting and socializing with the bloggers who were present. I appreciate the idea of having sessions like these for bloggers to get to know one another! 

As the title suggested, the yoga was held at Pure Yoga where it provided us with wonderful locker, changing rooms and shower facilities. I was very impressed with how clean and well-equipped the place was. Even hair dryers were provided!

The yoga room was very spacious surrounded by gigantic mirrors. Awesome for when you don't know if you're doing a position right and you have to check if you are. *perfect for people like me

We had to do a lot of deep breathes during the session when we were in a position.

(Image credits: LulabelleLifestyle)
(Image credits: LulabelleLifestyle)
(Image credits: LulabelleLifestyle)
(Image credits: LulabelleLifestyle)

If you're a beginner(aka like me), you have nothing to worry about if you are not flexible enough! The instructor, Kristen, was very understanding about that. She provided us with a few options for certain positions if weren't not confident enough to go "all the way".

After the yoga session, we got to have a little meet-and-greet session with the sponsors, welcomed with light nutritional snacks as well!

The nutritional snacks all tasted better than I expected, to be honest!
My favourite was the kale crisps for sure.

I gotta say, the most exciting part of the whole event , besides getting to meet more bloggers and sponsors are the goodie bags filled with loves from the sponsors!

A big THANK YOU to the sponsors:

Pure yoga is dedicated to serving the yoga community in Asia and beyond. They currently have a network of yoga studios across Asia. Their dedicated yoga studios offer over 1,600 classes each week in a diversity of yoga practices taught by nearly 200 certified teachers. Beginners never feel intimidated because their teachers always encourage going at your own pace. Pure Yoga offer a wide variety of yoga styles.

Essential-Oil-Remedies by Young Living provided us with a bottle of Peppermint Essential Oil before the start of the yoga session. Just by taking one breath of it had us all up and awake. I tried the Lavender Essential Oil provided in the goodie bag and fell in love with the smell and how light and relaxing it was. It really did help me to sleep better!

Benefits of Peppermint Essential Oil:
1) Rub on temples to relieve headache
2) Place 1 drop in hot water to make peppermint tea to help indigestion & soothe the tummy
3) Inhale when feeling dizzy or nauseous
4) Apply on the bottom of the feet to reduce fever
5) Apply on location for muscular aches and pain
6) Diffuse peppermint to improve focus and concentration
7) Place 1 drop in hot water and inhale to relieve sinus and headache

Nana Lim from Essential Oil Remedies conducts free classes on how to use essential oils if you are ever interested! The theme changes every month as she likes to hold classes on different topics.

Email her to find out more:

Katharos is an organic skincare retailer that brings you only top quality skincare products. It was started with the objective of educating people about the benefits of using truly organic and toxin-free products, and making them accessible to everyone. At Katharos, they are dedicated to represent only their favourite, personally hand-picked organic brands that are in line with their values.

Katharosorganics included Pure Organic Aloe Vera Face & Body Milk, Pure Organic Aloe Vera Face & Body Exfoliant and Pure Essential Daily Antioxidant Serum in the goodie bag all from Wild Nature Australia.

SUII Naturals provides handcrafted makeup and cosmetics using only natural ingredients. They use ingredients such as shea butter, argan oil and other essential oils in their products.

The moment I opened the lipstick cap, all I wanted to do was to eat the lipstick. IT SMELLED LIKE CHOCOLATE!
I got their lipstick in Mauve Pink which is quite the subtle and natural colour.

This was how it looked like on my lips:
Once again, thank you for all the sponsored products and the wonderful yoga session. Thank you Lucy for the invite to my very first #BLOGMEETSG and I can't wait for more to come! 


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