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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Calling all female readers of mine! Ever want to learn more about all things beauty?

Well Pásshen Beauty Week is coming to help you with that! This beauty week is going to celebrate you, being you, BE(YOU)TIFUL.

Take some time out for yourself to relax and do something for yourself during this beauty week! 
Starting from 16 Nov - 21 Nov, there are many awesome beauty workshops for you to attend, encouraging you to be beautiful.

I've come to realise how important it is to really take time out to spend it on yourself especially after 5/6 days of working! I had a look at what Pásshen Beauty Week has to offer and there seems to be different kind of workshops catered to anyone and everyone.

Whether you're into yoga, makeup, manicure, they have it. And more.

Pásshen has kindly sponsored me with a beauty pass to attend my top 3 favourite workshops which I am very excited to attend!

1) Shape Your Windows To Your Soul

Have always been quite a fan of makeup and very curious about the right shape for my brows. When I saw the description, my eyes lit up! Totally what I wanted to learn. 
Hopefully I can become better at making myself look better with makeup after this workshop because honestly, nicely put, I am not an expert with it currently. Haha

2) How To Deal With Stress
With how I am new to the work I have been doing, I can't deny that work can be a little stressful sometimes and I really want to know how I can better deal with it so I can handle my work much than how I am doing. 

Also, I think this can come in handy for all of the family members as well after I attended this workshop! Killing multiple birds with one stone. 

3) ENERGIZE with StralaYoga
Choosing this workshop is very much due to the reason of how I have been feeling these days with work. I feel lifeless. Like how people who like to quote deep phrases said, "alive but not living". 

With this yoga workshop, I hope it helps keep the negative feelings and thoughts away! 
If you yourself are interested in any one of these workshops I have mentioned or the list of workshops Pásshen is offering for Beauty Week, you can sign up now

Single Workshops - $50/pax
Beauty Pass (3 workshops) - $100/pax

But wait! You can join actually register for a Pásshen account to enjoy single workshops at $40 and Beauty Pass for $80.

All you gotta do is sign up as a member for free on Pásshen and book the workshop that you want via  and pay through your Pásshen wallet for the discounted price! 

Do something for yourself to make yourself beautiful this beauty week. (:

More info on workshops:


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