My Short Malacca Getaway - Part 2

Sunday, December 07, 2014

If you didn't get the chance to read part 1 - LINK

Previously on part 1, of course I had to leave you hanging to have you come begging for more. -inserts creepy grin- *picture Mad Hatter's smile, yeah that's right

So the night wildness in Malacca began...

The things that intrigued me the most throughout the night were basically summarised in these pictures. I'm so glad I got to capture these before my camera died on me.

1) The night view, of course, is obviously something enjoyable to look at.
That was, sad to say, the clearest picture my dad managed to take of my sister and me. *also, I look horrible. You don't have to say it because I already did tyvm

2) I am in love with the lok lok truck that was only available at night. Not gonna lie, it's so addictive I couldn't stop grabbing for more! 
Just between you and me, I think we spent a lot on that. lol. I don't think anybody regretted that, just saying.

3) What was surprising are the exotic animals on display and for sale at the night market! I would have never thought I would see a hedgehog in real life. I have seen so many cute videos of it I can't help but find them so adorable!! 
And just look at all the other animals I have never seen before and of course, don't know the names to. *please feel free to enlighten me
I was secretly wishing I could take a hedgehog home... *don't judge me
Not all things in life are great, just like that night. We certainly did not enjoy the food at the one shop we randomly entered.. I had prawn noodles and it was a disappointment... The other food we ordered were equally bad. 

However, I did manage to grab some sushi and sashimi nearby. I know! Who would have thought they would be available at night markets. Haha. At a very cheap price too. I wouldn't say they absolutely delicious but they were actually tasted ok which was surprising! *a good one kind of surprising if you're wondering

That sums up our night!!! The adventure doesn't end here though... 
Started off the next morning with fishball noodles at this stall called Yong Peng Fishball located at Meleka rays. We didn't think too much about it and just went for what we could find. 
It wasn't the best but oh well...

We decided to make the best out of the trip and so... Kota Tinggi Waterfall!

The adults mentioned the waterfall not being as big and majestic as they remembered to be. They may have made some changes. Soooo those of you who are thinking of going might want to consider that...
Ended the day with a scrumptious dinner at a restaurant my uncle said was good. I approve! It was on our way back too and beside a shopping mall so it's really convenient. 

As you can see, I am definitely not exaggerating when I said "scrumptious". I suggest you to give this place a try if you feel like treating yourself to something more extravagant! 

I definitely learnt how to not assume my camera's battery will be able to last a short trip like this... I need more getaways like this and hopefully next time to a place with a cooler weather. 

Great news is i'll be going to Taiwan for the first time next year! Can't wait to share all about it on this space with you (:

Thank you for reading and tune in for more always! Ending this post with a picture I rushed to take before we left. Credits to my sister-


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