Disney's Maleficent Movie Review

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Well I've never really wanted to post a movie review before but I just felt a strong motivation to for this movie. Soooo if you're not ready for some spoilers, please avoid.

First, I just want to state that I was so thrilled to know Angelina Jolie was acting as Maleficent. I thought she was really perfect for the role. Don't you agree?
I don't think my mom would be SO down to agree watching the movie if somebody else was acting as Maleficent.

In my opinion, there are certainly quite a lot of changes to the classic tale. I was actually thinking of more like a background story of Maleficent than telling the whole classic tale different including different ending, different names etc.

I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the background story of hers of why and how she became evil because it is a strong one, I'll give you that.
But I really didn't enjoy the fact that she was born with horns and black wings.

Maybe I have my stereotypical self got the best of me but I was hoping for her looking like an actual fairy(without horns) when she was born.
*and then growing those horns when she turned evil

I guess it is their way of making the story a little more logical/believable?

I think another attempt of them trying to make the story more logical was when they removed the part where the 3rd fairy was supposed to cast a spell on the princess to make the evil spell breakable by "True Love's Kiss". Instead... *shall not reveal too much

However, I appreciate some of their effort in making the story believable and more interesting by making the 3 fairies appear not as smart as in the classic tale as told. They were pretty hilarious. Haha

On top of that, the fight at the end was an eye-opening one. It was brilliant. I had goosebumps all over when Maleficent and her wings were one again. I could totally feel her pain they were separated. Really wanted to kill that person who did that cruel thing. Well done, scriptwriter.

Overall, I'll give this movie an 8.5/10!
If you haven't watch this movie and you read through this, I hope I didn't give away TOO much!

Thank you for reading!

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