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Monday, June 30, 2014

Already accustomed to saying sorry for being away from my blog for so long. Bet you are already used to reading this in the start of my blog post every time already. Ok, so I shall skip the formalities from now maybe.

I think it is safe to say my parents are not really part of the group who would know how to enjoy the ambiance in a cafe so we had never been to one together. But it was unbelievable to be able to convince them to try dining at a cafe down at Westgate together as a family. I don't know how it happened but it did.

Right, I haven't tried Miam Miam cafe before but since it was coincidentally at Westgate and also managed to grab my mine and my sister's attention, we decided to give it our first go. (:

Firstly, the exterior and interior did not disappoint. I think I felt a princess moment when we were brought to our table. It was a sofa seat.

I must mention that the non-sofa seats were also pretty tempting.

View from my seat

Speaking of tempting, look at what got 3 ladies salivating with its enormous picture on the menu.

Tell me it doesn't look good? You're lying. I love how they made the dish so vibrant it looks really appetizing. And good job to add a poached egg right in the centre of the dish, making it more appealing which made my Mom, sister and me not being able to resist ordering it.

To list down the ingredients I remember, it has bacon, tomatoes, eggplant, onion, shimeji mushrooms and spinach.

I felt that they could make this dish taste better given how good it looked. The pasta should be cooked longer because it is a little hard. They do serve quite a large serving for this so make sure you are prepared if you want to try it!

My dad, being almost always the one to want to order something different, went with Squid Ink Rice!

To be honest, I have never heard of Squid Ink Rice before. Squid Ink pasta, yes but rice, definitely not. Have you?

It tasted like fried rice to me. That's all the comments I have for this one. My Dad was still a little hungry after finishing this dish so the portion must be quite small. Huh, strange how our pasta and his rice portion, differs.

Now that i'm done talking about the main dishes, I have to tell you how much my taste buds were screaming with joy with Hot Matcha (stone grinded top grade japanese matcha powder, full-bodied and aromatic. Full of anti-oxidants too!)

I have to agree with the statement where it talks about aromatic. I was surprised when I had my first sip. I certainly did not expect it to taste so good.

My sister did mention that it doesn't taste as good as the one at Starbucks. I don't know because I haven't had this drink at Starbucks. You let me know!
Not to forget, how can we miss dessert as cafes, right?

 It was souffle! My sister suggested trying this. She seemed extremely ecstatic about it when she saw it on the menu.

We had the souffle in chocolate flavour. I must say, it is really something new to my taste buds and it's not so bad! You can feel that airiness inside when you try to scoop a mouthful with your spoon and also when you bite it in your mouth.
Really an interesting sensation if you are into trying new dessert textures.
If you are interested to give Miam Miam cafe a go, here is their website for easy reference -

Their menu is quite interesting considering the fact that they offer Japanese curry too! 
Thank you for reading, 
Cheryl xo

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