First Time @ Astons

Friday, May 30, 2014

Still quite confused about whether it is spelt with an apostrophe "s" or without. But anyway! I think I always surprise people with my "First Time" because I think almost everyone I know have already tried it countless of times already.

I went to the outlet where the surroundings was pretty peaceful and quiet. Totally did not expect a long queue at Astons given the surroundings.

I was thinking of having Double Up Chicken because it sounded interesting. But it was actually a dish consisting of 2 choices you can have for 2 chicken chops. If you are interested in trying out as many types of chicken chops on your one visit, this may be a good option.

 Rootbeer Float

 Cream of Mushroom

Crispy Fried Fish (I think)
Spicy Seafood Marinara

I say their rootbeer float really live up to its name. It is no surprise they are confident enough to encourage customers to order their rootbeer float to try.

Their chicken tasted alright for me. What I love is their macaroni and cheese. Their cheese is so flavorful i'm pretty sure I will order that as my side dish any time I go back again!

If you guys are looking for more satisfaction after your main, their ice-cream was very well-advertised in their restaurant just like their root beer! We tried it and loved it. The taste of the chocolate in their muddy chocolate ice-cream is really rich and thick. You can taste a tad bit of bitterness in it too!

Dad said he'll go back again for their beef the next time. Haha I think I will be prepared for their beef too.

Thank you for reading!


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