Brief Quick Non-Heat Pretty Curls Tutorial

Friday, May 23, 2014

Did you ever have times when you have the perfect outfit and makeup but didn't have enough time to do those magic curls to your hair and feel bumped because that wouldn't be perfect anymore?

I have the solution for you now! Just discovered this yesterday and the above was exactly how I felt. I believe a lot of you can relate!

If you followed me on Instagram, you might have seen these curls I did to my hair for Singapore Hit Awards(which I will be blogging about soon)

I had my shower and was thinking if I should do something about my hair for that occasion. It turned out unexpectedly well!

NOTE: Your hair has to be a little damp for it to work perfectly

You would only need this one cheap tool to give you this result.

I believe this is already well-known to most of you but if you don't know where to get it, I got mine from a shop where they sell lots of extremely cheap accessories.
The price said $5 for a packet containing 6 of these but it is under a "3 for $10" promotion together with other accessories. (:
If you have got a lot of hair, you may need to buy 2 packets.

1) You should separate your hair into 2 parts and separating each part again into 3 sections (using 3 curlers for each side)

2) Grab 1 of that section and clamp it in between the curler like this:

My hair is not the best for illustrating but you get the idea

3) Curl it inwards towards you making sure you hold the clamped part tight enough to keep it in position

It looks like a mess right now because my hair has is in layers but I promise it's going to look pretty after! 

4) Roll it up till you can't anymore and then make the bend the 2 ends to join them together by putting one end into the hole of another

5) Do the same for all sections of your hair and leave it on for about 15 mins

6) Take the curlers out slowly in the according to the direction of how you curled it just now


 What I usually use when I do my hair for it to harden and stay in place

If you don't like the smell of hairspray, you can try using this hair fragrance of Ma Cherie which has the advantage of helping your hair stay in place and at the same time, making it smell nice (:

I don't think the 2nd one helps the hair stay in place as well as the hairspray does so I would recommend using BOTH! Haha

My hair stayed in place for the whole night which I must say, I am quite surprised about. 
This is quite the messy tutorial but I hope it helps you nonetheless! Leave a comment if you tried or leave a comment if you want. I'd appreciate that! 

Thank you for reading!

Cheryl xo

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