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I Love Being A Blogger!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

This title appeals to me so much I can't even.. I am from the era where everybody started owning a blog because it was so trendy and then using that to blog about my every day life. Which is, honestly speaking, BORING.

I blogged about pretty much the same thing again and again I think I would fall asleep reading my own blog and didn't think anyone was reading it. But one day, just this one fine day, my mind had this sudden inspiration to give my blog a whole new life.

I am an introvert. I am awkward & socially awkward. Not even joking. Sometimes I have a whole lot of feelings and thoughts bottled up inside me but I just couldn't bring myself to say them. Maybe just afraid of people thinking, "who cares?", "ok?", "why are you telling me this?", "nobody asked for your opinion", and the list goes on..
Or maybe it's because of another reason.

I think it is quite obvious now the main reason why I love being a blogger.


Although I am not sure who are reading what I have to say or even if anybody out there are interested, I have a space where I can share what I want to say.

It has come to the point where I not only share about my feeling and thoughts, but also information worth sharing with others. For instance, good food I had that I thought people would want to try for themselves, places and experiences people would want to know and experience themselves etc.
I would be overjoyed when someone actually finds my information of help to them.

I love sharing about my experiences, reviews and opinions on this space now. (:

I reached a point where I decided to take a big step. A serious one. One that requires courage.

I took part in Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation, a social media competition. I wasn't sure what had gotten into me or how I suddenly got that bravery from, but I decided to take that big step because I know how blogging can build confidence in myself. I was determined to overcome my introvert personality. At least by a little. Haha.

The major part of the competition was probably how we had to do a catwalk in front of a crowd of STRANGERS. That was a huge challenge and breakthrough that I got past.

Although I did not graduate from the competition as one of the winners, I received things  that I never would have thought I would. I got myself engaged in so many activities with bloggers thereafter.

Events like food-tasting, fashion previews & more granted me with opportunities to engage and communicate with people, helping me to overcome that reserved personality of mine step by step. These are all the things that I never thought I could do but I did all because I decided to take a step further with blogging. (:

I think I may call myself a frog in the well. Blogging gave me chances to experience countless of new things I have never experienced before. I still remember how I tried Domino's for the first time at a food-tasting event and how I tried facial for the first time because I was given the opportunity to through blogging and so many others.

My first experience with yoga! 

First time trying Domino's Pizza! 

Blogging really took away my virginity in a lot of experiences. Hahaha. I feel so grateful that it gave me wide-eyed experiences every time. 

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