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Singapore Hit Awards

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I felt so cool to attend this kind of awards event. How can anyone not be? It's like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I have always watched awards ceremony behind the tv screen but never imagined how it was to be there at the venue in person.

The experience was so amazing, let me tell you. I was having goosebumps pretty much almost every minute of the event. Maybe the fact that I have never in my life attended a popular singer's concert before added to how I would be amazed about the event. (:

I didn't know that the lights and stage was going to be nothing like I have ever seen. I totally wasn't expecting all the things they could do with the lights there ohmygoodness. Sorry, pardon me for sounding like a country bumpkin.

What I wore to the Awards - prints on my stockings not visible
(will do a blog post about my hair)

Taken from where we were sitting

I didn't mention this but my mom actually got the tickets by buying products from this company which was one of the sponsors for this awards. I say we got quite lucky to have such good seats. (:

We were greeted with short interviews of celebrities at the very front which we saw on the huge screen in front of us. If it wasn't for this experience, I wouldn't know fans could actually crowd around the front like they bought $1000 concert tickets to take a few good pictures before the event started. :o

So you know, we kind of just sat there taking pictures of the SCREEN. Looks like I am watching it on tv. What were we doing -.-

Just a few before we realized. So not that bad. We learnt. lol

Heard about Wilber Pan being the opening act so I was just expecting loud good music that makes you "high". But no, I got something better. Something that got my jaw dropped.

Imagine this: The lights were dimmed to a minimum. It looks like a dark room. You see a shadow standing on stage, back facing you. And then..

BOOM! The music AND freaking lights go everywhere. That view was spectacular!

Wasn't able to capture the amazing view exactly but maybe 60% of the awesomeness.

A lot of his cool facial expressions but also a lot of his funny ones! lol
I actually took so many more but if I share them all on here, I think you might get bored so i'll save it for when i'm bored. Haha

After that stunning opening act, it was time to give out the first few awards (:
The 93.3FM DJs as hosts and hostesses for that night

They invited artistes/celebrities to announce a few winners from different categories. A lot of singers whom I don't know because I am possibly an amateur when it comes to artistes. The last time I got caught in all these was when Fahrenheit was popular. lol

Really unfamiliar faces. That is, until the single female singer sang a song I was quite familiar with. But still, I don't know her name. Haha i'm so sorry

Well i'm glad that I at least know that's Romeo Tan. -awkward laugh-

And also this other Taiwan artiste! Yeah another one I know. Surprise, surprise. I still remember how I was always up late at night watching "100% Entertainment (娱乐百分百)" with this guy as one of the host. Because I was that much crazy about Taiwanese dramas and actors and all that.
I'm sure I wasn't the only one!

Did you guess who he is yet?

 It's like Romeo Tan's posing for the camera. #justsayin

I must say he has quite a large number of fans there to support him. I would guess he has the most fans out of all the artistes there that day because there were a lot of screaming going on whenever he appears. lol

 Can you guess who the next artiste is?

I bet you have heard of her original song more than a hundred times because it got so popular because it was that one theme song from that tv show. I don't really want to admit but the song gives me goosebumps almost every time.

Apparently she was quite the popular one also but not as popular as Alien Huang. She performed a song quite familiar to me but I have no idea who she is. Oops x2

If you don't know which song I was talking about, it was The Dream Makers' theme song called 幸福不难. 
I was glad to be able to have the honour of listening to her perform that song live that day. I thought she was a little nervous though. But I think she's really talented to write a song with such a deep meaning behind it.

I know, sudden urge to listen to that song again. YouTube? No need to. For your convenience,

You're welcome.

I think Wilber Pan won the most awards out of everyone. If I remember correctly, he came up on stage more than 3 times. So here's him getting his 2nd award..

At that point in time, I was thinking I would probably run out of things to say if I received that many awards. Haha

Not to forget, that extremely popular Alien Huang.

 Now that, is an extremely happy face

So they are an Acapella group and they did a Medley. Interesting (:

I'm going to take a guess and say that most of you don't know her? But anyway, she sang songs that go wayyy back.

Somehow, I am amazed at how good I am at capturing unflattering candid shots of people, including mine. Obvious much?

And then they joined in! Now i'm sure you guys know them because I do. They are known from a singing competition but I forgot which. I was surprised they introduced themselves as a group!

Bryan Wang showed up! Still remember the latest show he acted in where he was the legendary hairdresser and his subordinates all refer him to as "daddy". The DJ Peifen who was there was calling him that as a joke. Pretty amusing. Haha

Initially, my thoughts were that I have no idea who both of them were. Not surprising. BUT THEN, I am sure I know the song that guy sang! It surely got my sister extremely excited because it was a theme song from the Taiwanese Drama called "In Time With You".

I was just done watching that drama probably a few weeks ago when I attended the Singapore Hit Awards. Such a coincidence! Didn't really appreciate the story line but that song is undeniably, pretty good.

Had to google to find out that his name is William Wei :p

Got goosebumps all over myself listening to that song. You know how you would feel that when you have listened to that song before and then listening to it live. It's like wow, really hard to believe.

I think you guys would really enjoy it as much as I do, so...


Olivia Ong won an award too. I honestly didn't have much of an idea how she looked like. But she looked really pretty in person. The only song of hers I know is the theme song from The Little Nyonya. I think it was that song which got her pretty famous too.

I was hoping she would sing that but she didn't, sadly :/

I was quite surprised Penny Tai came too! (sorry for the terrible candid shot I got of her. My skills in that never ceases to amaze me) The only song from her which left me with an extremely deep impression was one of the theme songs from the Taiwanese drama, Meteor Garden. Please tell me you can relate. I'm sure you can!

You'd realise most of the songs that leaves deep impressions on people are from dramas/tv shows. Haha for me at least.

If you're not from my generation, I shall embed the song here for you to appreciate ok. And then which will make you want to watch the drama. Haha *it happens

If you remember, she received an award earlier before she performed. I believe a lot of audience really liked her sense of style. Really edgy.

Our very own Singaporean, Derrick Hoh! Maybe it's because I am not chasing the media about celebrities but I haven't heard from or seen him since forever. I think they mentioned about him going to Korea for more opportunities.

Don't kill me, but I didn't enjoy much of his performance that night.. His dancing was alright but his singing hmm..


I had my mouth wide open when I learnt that he came, just so you know.
I bet I wasn't the only one there. And I bet from where he was standing, he would be wondering why we were looking retarded. Hahaha

I believe all of us went goo-goo-ga-ga over him is because that period was of a crazy Hong Kong drama period and almost everybody watches "Triumph In The Skies".
It is a show worth watching with a little bit of humour, love, and life of pilots and air stewardesses. (:

He sang the theme of song of that show later on and can you imagine how the audience reacted? Can't even describe how I was feeling at that moment in time..

But anyway, Derrick Hoh performance started..

Initially, I thought a Korean band came but no, they weren't lol
Probably took a lot of concepts from Korean bands though what with their outfits and their song.

 Hard to believe Karen Mok joined in the fun too. It's always an excitement to have the opportunity to see celebrities who came from faraway countries in person!

I think I am only familiar with her one song and NO that is not from a tv show/drama, surprisingly. Haha. It's called "没时间" aka "Not Enough Time" (self-translated)
Anyway, please tell me I'm not the only one who knows this song?
It's like SO GOOD. Makes me feel so nostalgic.

Yet another award goes to Wilber Pan. -Applause-

 Did a little research and if i'm not wrong, they're from Taiwan and their band's called Magic Power. Do you know them?

 Digital images were too cool not to take a picture of

Another lady I have no clue of.. But I could tell it was a big thing for her to be there singing and that she was very thankful for it. The deepest impression she left me was her bowing her head to say "thank you". She had her head down for 15 seconds. Not kidding.

Yuppp, Joi Chua. She didn't sing at all which is pretty shocking considering she is a singer. I'm not sure why either :/

Congrats, Penny Tai! 

 Kym Ng and I don't know who.. Somebody enlighten me?

Alien Huang finally got his chance to perform! I am pretty happy with his performance because that song he sung was from a Taiwanese drama I happened to just finish watching not long ago yet again! :D

Sorry about my obsession over OSTs. But you're not going to regret listening to it
Initially, I thought it was sung by Aaron Yan. But now I know it wasn't.

 -inserts scream-
Will you just look at how happy he is in receiving that award??? AHHH
He was damn polite to bow to everyone before he went up the stage to receive his award. I was like WOW. Really didn't expect that..

The artiste creative enough to be playing a Chinese instrument and sing at the same time? Interesting!

And then he stepped onto the stage once again
With that familiar music playing... I was SO stoked to know he was the singer behind that song and to learn that I will be listening to him sing live. oh-em-gee.

Uhmm... Did you feel the electricity? He is looking right at the camera! At you, me. OMG. Haha ok.

If you hadn't notice, we actually got closer to the stage. Almost everyone was going crazy at that point in time and left their seats running in front to get a better view of him and to get better pictures, of course. lol


Although the image is not very clear, the audio is pretty clear! He was joking around at one particular part of the song. You'd know when you watch it! So cute lol Enjoyyyy :D

They really did save the best performances for last. After the awesome song by Julian Cheung, this group who was definitely getting everyone excited was the group "草蜢 " aka Grasshopper!

Not very sure if you guys know them because they are a pretty old group of artistes. I doubt even my generation knows? Haha. That doesn't make me old ok!

My mom said I used to dance to this particular song of theirs when I was little. Maybe you guys would find it familiar. It's cute and very catchy!

How is it how is it? Anyone can relate? 

 How lucky you can when you went all the way to the front to get a good look and a good picture. :o
My sister and I got so excited every time we catch any one of the celebrities looking directly at the camera hahaha

Despite how old they are, I think they are the most energetic group among the others that night and also the group that enjoyed the most performing! Made everyone feel energetic as well! 

I'm sorry for the flood of their pictures. Took a lot of good pictures it's hard not to share. Besides, they sang 2 songs. Haha. I took a video too

One was kind of short because my phone ran out of memory. The other one is longer, taken with my sister's phone. 

Omg why is he so cute. Not the creepy-looking guy :s

The closest celebrity we ever gotten to that night was Karen Mok. ;D

I hope you enjoyed this one hell of a blog post and shared my joys when you looked at those pictures, videos and listened to those songs! 

Thank you for reading,

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