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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Greetings fellow fashionistas, fellow people who wants to learn how to style and fellow people who has an interest in fashion trends! 

 I am very confident that my blog post here is going to teach you so many things and give you so much knowledge. Trust me.

I felt so honoured that I get to be one of the bloggers invited by OMY Blog Club to be introduced the latest collections from NEW LOOK and also to pick up some useful styling tips which I am going to share with you in just a bit! So read on. (I have a discount quote for you at the end)

I believe New Look has been very famous among numerous people already so I wouldn't be surprised if you knew about it already but what you don't know is their background and what they focus on.
New Look is a British fast fashion brand which is currently the 2nd largest retailer in the UK women's clothing and accessories. They have over a thousand stores worldwide. 

They provide fashion forward items focusing on fashion excitement, value and newness. Their clothes are inspired by latest trends from the catwalk, celebrities and the streets.

What is awesome is that they have new designs arriving in stores EVERY WEEK so girls, fret not that you will run out of clothes! #womenproblemsolved
The clothes on the hanging rack are a few set of clothes from their latest trends that the bloggers were introduced to! 
Are you excited? You should be. Because I am going to present to you the 3 latest trends from New Look and teach you some great useful styling tips too! I have put together some outfits you can try out as  well! Make sure your eyes are glued to the screen now.

- Rich colours, sumptuous fabrics and decadent prints give the 'Baboushka' collection FOLKISH FLAIR AND RUSTIC RUSSIAN CHARM

Don't think that this trend may be too informal or unsuitable for office. For people who are going for a more formal look, this can be an amazing look for you! 

With that simple Grey Marl Tapestry Jacquard Skater Dress, it can be matched with the Burgundy Crepe Roll Sleeve Blazer to make it more wearable for the office. 

To pair it off, are pumps of deep red colour to match the blazer.

To make the outfit more interesting, you can add the Gold and Red Facet Stone Antique Shield Ring as an accessory for the whole look. 



This dress is really versatile looking at this outfit i'm introducing you next. If you're going for a more edgy look, all you have to do is change the outerwear and everything will look different. 

The Black Leather-Look Zip Pocket Biker Jacket matched with a pair of chunky loafers are a perfect combination for an edgy yet casual look. 

In addition, I will top it off with an accessory like the a necklace with gold chains a little bit of spike details to make the overall look stand out more but not forgetting the edgy theme. The metal details matched the look amazingly.


Putting aside both of the outfits that consist of lace-like details, Baboushka also has floral as an option. If you're a person who prefers floral more than laces, I put up a look which you'd definitely like! 

Together with Burgundy Floral Sweater, you can play with layers by adding the simple white collared shirt as the base layer. 

Because the floral prints on the sweater is not too distinct and loud, you can pair it with the Black and Purple Rose Button Up Mini Skirt which has loud floral prints on.

With a slim belt to put together with the skirt, you can find a pair of ankle boots of similar colour to complete the look.


On days you feel like dressing a little brighter and innocent and more casual but still looking good, you can go for the Pink and White Floral Tapestry T-Shirt Dress along with the cream coloured over-sized cardigan to give a little innocence on the whole outfit itself.

The right casual shoes to go with could be a pair of nude flats which has its colour quite matching to that of the cardigan. 

Adding a simple gold piece necklace altogether would give it a little pop! The necklace doesn't have too many designs so considering that, it can go well with the dress without clashing with it.


- Sharp lines, structured shapes and classic cuts work effortlessly together to give New Model Army its UNIQUE SIMPLICITY

This look pretty much tell you how versatile this Red Animal Print Cami is. You can either pair it with a pair of pants of a skirt both with zip details for the whole new model army look. 

I'm suggesting chunky wedge boots to match for a more fiery/fierce vibe. To top it off, a studded clutch would fit perfectly.


If you like to "stay low" and are not so fond of extra loud prints, you can choose more neutral colours like black and white as well. Matching the Stripe Star Crop T-Shirt with a same leather jacket used in the first outfit for Baboushka look, you would already be looking as cool as hell.

Making it a lot more cool would be a pair of Leather-Look Jeggings. To tone things down a little, you can choose not to pair with heels but with this pretty pair of White Cut Out Buckle Lace Up Shoes instead.


One of the must-haves in your wardrobe is their Asymmetric Wrap Zip Biker Skirt which has a very unique touch to it given being a simple skirt. 

For this look, I will match the skirt with a tiger printed top and a red blazer to give a pop of colour with fierce heels that matches with the blazer. 

If you feel like going for a more laid-back look, you can always pair it with jeans instead of the skirt! 

A MASH-UP of hard-edged embellishments, bold print and tough texture gives 'Grunge' a cool, carefree confidence

To start off, you can get either a sleeveless or short sleeved top that screams "band" and then match it with a pair of jeans.
To pull of the grunge look, you can add a checkered top or outerwear and tie it around your waist.

To give the overall look an interesting touch, I chose a beanie to go with. Lastly, I finished off with a red pair of sneakers to balance out the colours.


Another checkered look you can go for is more on the cute side, making use of suspenders to give off an innocent feel.

It is matched with this must-have Red Tartan Raglan Wrap Blouse giving a the outfit a little contrast in colours with the matching beanie and chunky loafers.


This is an extremely simple yet classic outfit I put together. If you want to touch on your feminine side with a hint of mysteriousness, I think this would work amazing.

A floral dress matched with the Black Daisy Lace Tights helps add up the feminine and mysterious look. Together with a pair of black ankle boots, it makes the outfit stand out more.

Lastly, I added the little Floral Embossed Body Bag to help the compliment a classic look as well.

WHEW! Those were the 3 trends in for this Autumn/Winter season. I hope you like those outfits which I put together. I think it would be amazing if it tempted you to try them out at New Look!

I actually had a chance to attempt to style up a look for "New Model Army" with my awesome team mates!

What I Wore Here: 
- Leopard Print Heart Top
- Leather Shorts
- Army-like Outer Wear 
- Army-like Boots

How can you not have the urge to buy some clothes now? Not possible! So of course I have a good deal FOR YOU. 

Quote "omy bloggers" at New Look stores and receive a 10% discount on regular-priced items
(valid from 14th Sep to 30th Sep)

So go check out their latest pieces now and get some home to mix and match with! You'll have fun, I promise.

- 313 @ Somerset
- ION Orchard Mall
- Suntec City
- Citylink Mall
- Illuma
- Tampines Central

Like them on their Facebook page for more updates: 

Visit this website for their promotions:
Thank you OMY Blog Club and New Look SG for inviting me for this amazing fashion preview! I enjoyed myself a lot and hope there are more to come!


Ruffled my hair a little bit for a messy hair look. Is it working?


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