The Horror(Part 2)

Monday, April 08, 2013

*according to me

Warning: There may be gruesome pictures when you decide to scroll down this page to the pathway of horror. Viewer discretion is advised.

Remember in Part 1 that I talked about my Maritime Experiential Museum Experience with TONS of pictures? Well that's the upper half of my day spent at USS. 
If you haven't read it, you should! Read Part 1

In the meantime while waiting for the event to start, we actually got hungry and went to the Malaysian Food Street for some food.
So obviously i'm gonna suffocate you with heaps of food pics

I was soooo excited when this came because it looked so yummy! But then it tasted bland. I was disappointed :(

We actually tried their Bak Kut Teh also but didn't manage to take a pic of that. The soup was pretty good.
It was around 4 plus when we were done with the food. Cousin Veronica said it may be too early to go queuing at that time and said we may all seem very kiasu. 
But guess what, there are hundreds of people who did not think that way. lol

Know what's creative of them that got me hyped up even before I went in? 

Survival Guide. Love how they twisted the brochures into a survival guide.
I know I know, I am so easily satisfied like that.

They sky turned dark and I got more and more excited.
Everybody started screaming like they were in concerts when MUSIC STARTED PLAYING. *and i'm writing like i'm writing a compo right now -.-

Ghostly music! Omg, it's like bam suddenly I didn't feel like I was in Singapore.

Pushing & squeezing started.
*sorry I had to bore you guys with details but it's something that has to be shared in detail! 

Then a girl behind me started complaining "I can't breathe omg"
And kept repeating that. I think she was like hinting me or something but hello, I can't breathe either and that's why I AM NOT TALKING. -.-
Maybe it was once I felt happy I was taller now that I think of it MUAHAHA MAN AM I BAD.

OHOHOH, forgot to mention,

Greeted by a few scary dolls the moment we stepped in. Smoke all over. LOVES.

Then off to Insanitarium we go!

On the way there, there was like a sudden outburst of zombies came out running out of nowhere wtf.
One was funny, he almost knocked into my sister and then he went sideways to avoid. LOL.

Looks like we weren't the only strategic ones. LONG LINE. We realized the express ticket is the golden ticket........

A few seconds away from the doorstep, so freaking nervous. It was the first time in ages my sister and I decided to be all close and HOLD HANDS. -goosebumps-

Descriptive Paragraph of What Happened Inside(as much as I can remember): 

Heard hammering noises the moment I stepped in. Idk if that's intentional or not but I heard them in all 3 haunted houses I went into. 

Saw this "jail" with a girl and guy inside. the girl had her face stuck on the wall and not moving. I thought it was fake until she surprised me with opening the "jail" with her hands and screaming at me. wtf. You know how jails are made of metal bars and stuff? Well they made it bendable but it was dark so we can't make out that it is actually bendable. Nice touch. 

Weird smells when we went past the supposed-to-be toilet. Tissues clogged inside and water all over. So realistic. 

I remember how horror movies made the show scary by having this light that goes on and off like clubbing lights so you can't really make out whether the person in front of you is moving or not. Do you know how scary it is to have a "ghost" in front of you and nobody else in front of you and everyone behind you are waiting for you to walk because that place is so narrow you got NOWHERE TO AVOID?  Unforgettable.
In my head: "Omg I don't want to cross please. Can I not cross please? Damn it, no"
When the "ghost" is staring at me and smiling creepily at me. 

How relieved I was to make it out alive. But I'd do it again. Haha

I like how they make it so organized that when we are done with the haunted house, there is something waiting for us outside. It's Egyptians World outside with all the scary mummies all over the place. 

I didn't know I would actually have the benefit of enjoying FREE RIDES.
I will never forget how awesome The Mummy ride was.

 Seen too many people having their guards down and got scared by the "actors" there. So I stood my distance lol

 Go on, go on, laugh at my awkward position. :/ Don't ask me why..

 The original lighting is down below.. Because it was so dark I used flash and this was the result. Don't like it..

So much better right?

Photoshop cannot help how blurry this pic is. I TRIED..

 There's a really funny story behind my dad and this guy. So my dad was laying in this mummy "box" which was actually restricted and a staff came to tell him that and this guy was giving the "WHY YOU LIKE THAT " pose just like above to my dad. LOOOL.

Flash spoils the lighting there so much :(


Next haunted house destination: Death Alley  

Freaking longest queue everrrrr. It's like never-ending. Most of you may have experienced long queues but this is no exaggeration when I say freaking longest queue ever -.-
But oh well, I guess it could fight with the Transformer ride. Seriously.

Just a tip, if you're going to be visiting haunted houses there, never stand with someone who push you to the front to let you die first before them when they're scared.

Why? Because some "ghost" was trying to grab her legs. lol, ok that's funny.

Their music was awesome & suited the theme a lot. I've always find this one Chinese song scariest among all Chinese songs.

-Youtubing moment-..................
(mind you, it's 10.58pm & i'm alone in my room; doing this all for you)

Tried looking for the scariest version I can find. Don't think it's scary enough though but I tried! Now play it throughout reading my blog post >:D

I love that they actually make the place like the kind of old chinese streets in the past. The feel is all there (Y)
What greeted us after Death Alley was "Total Lockdown", as what they called it. Basically it's New York City lost control caused by a spill of mysterious radioactive substance all over the city. So the place is filled with radiation poisoning. 

 I was pondering over whether I should smile or not because it's damn funny to be smiling while taking a picture with a car accident

My cousin  and her bf was worse right lol
This was before the girl(actress) screamed in their ears to scare them away hahaha

These were supposed to look scarier but because of the flash..
After that was the one which was nearest to the entrance... "House of Dolls"

Actually I was mostly looking forward to this part the most because they made the commercial look so darn exciting when it comes to the dolls part! Plus the fact that dolls are scary.


Idk if it's me or what. But pictures of the puppet master were taken afar so I didn't think he would know that we  were taking pictures of him. So why did the pictures all look like he was staring at the camera wtf?

And then I came across this doll. Loved her looks so much I took 3 pictures of her:

She would occasionally come down off her "workplace" with her soft toy in her hands and walk around like a doll. Really idolize her for acting SO MUCH like a doll. 

Saw some.. Eurasian dolls even! 

The guy was so handsome la wtf o.o

Think he can earn more being a model really.

I saw a girl actually taking advantage of him! She was using the chance to look at him in the eyes like only an inch away & told someone to help her taking a picture. & the guy, of course HAD to oblige. 
That girl... -.-

I was like thinking if there would be someone to would act as though they are fake & suddenly jump & scare people. But not this one. He looked real though!

Remember seeing this one somewhere just now? When he was walking around? Yupppp. 

You should have seen him like omg. He was shaking up and down on the table so consistently you can't tell he's actually acting & alive! It's almost like he has himself working on battery. WTF.

I actually couldn't tell he was real until someone wanted to snap a pic with him and the flash went off, he SCREAMED. lol. He does this every time somebody takes a pic with him hahaha
AHHHH, love his acting!

At this point in time, I stood a distance because I was scared he would scream at me when I took a pic lol

 & guessing whether this is a real life one or a fake one lol

 Can't tell from here. But I think it was walking on stilts because he was freaking tall. & I thought it was fake! 

 Really love what they did with the cupboards. Aren't they lovelyyyy~

I mean, I never really celebrated Halloween so this one at USS was definitely the best Halloween I have ever had in my life. :D 

I hope you enjoyed reading & scrolling through as much as I enjoyed the whole thing! 

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