CNY 2013 Day 2

Monday, April 08, 2013

If you haven't read my blog post on Chinese New Year Day 1, here it is!
CNY 2013 Day 1

As I might have guessed what would excite you to read this is.... my outfit.

I think you might have already noticed how my Chinese New Year Day 2 pics always have a wooden background. Because one of my relatives' house that we have to visit is a pretty neat place with backyard & stuff.
Such a good place to take pictures might I add!

NO! Of course I'm not the only one acting like a model all. I took pics of my sister, Valerie and Regina as well! Haha now don't you think I'm the only vain one :p
Omg so excited to show you guys the group modeling we did! Regina was the photographer & Valerie, my sister and me were the models. 
Sooooo proud of all these pics :D

Haha ohkay, enough of all our amateur modeling pics. Here come the funny ones! 
You know how we get all crazy with the family pictures!
It's crazy time with relatives now xD

Yes, I did realize some of them were not comfortable enough to do poses :x
Not over though! My mom and all the aunties have such funny poses I just have to show you guys one of those! 

Nose-picking, screaming shouting, kung-fu .....


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