The Best of Both Worlds

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

If all of you have noticed, I have been wanting a compact camera for ages now! A camera that I can take with me anywhere easily and take good-quality pictures easily. (you know, me)

I actually own a DSLR and a digital camera. So why do I still want a compact camera?

DSLR - freaking heavy. Imagine me going to events like birthday parties walking around with a gigantic camera in my hands. NO. This actually happened before. Countless of times. During Halloween, Genting etc etc. Those places where you are supposed to have fun but have to carry a huge camera around because you WANT good quality pictures. Ugh, where is my best of both worlds?????????

I mean yeah, I do have a digital camera. So why didn't I bring that one?

Digital Camera - You may not know this, but my camera, as long as it exists, doesn't NEED to change, according to my family. So you can guess how long ago my camera was bought, till now. -.- Picture quality obviously cannot be compared to my DSLR's ones but at times like I REALLY have to bring a small camera, my digital camera is my only solution :/

You can't have the best of both worlds, can you?


Have you guys heard of the Nikon 1 J2 Camera yet?

They come in such attractive colours! Was so excited just by looking at the choice of colours already.
It satisfies my needs! It's like a mini DSLR and a digital camera combined; but better!

BUT. That is not all.

Do you know when you want to capture somebody unglam faces but they are too fast for your camera to capture quick enough? Or when you're always the one to say, "eh wait wait. I want to take picture first" when your friends and you ordered food?
Orrrrr your jump shots always FAILS? :/ *come on, admit it, that happens to everyone
Just basically facing problems where your camera is not quick enough to give you a clear shot...(I personally deleted so many pictures because of this and it's so sad :( )

FRET NOT! This camera comes to the rescue! MUAHAHA.

This known-to-be really FAST camera has an advanced hybrid AF system. Sounds deep right? HAHAHA.
In simpler terms, it has this function to instant focus on an object. Not just focus, but a sharp, accurate & fast focus so you'll never miss that moment again! :D

Sample image of what I mean:
Wanna know another cool thing about it? It's SMART! 
Now I feel bad about myself. It's even smarter than me tskkkk

This camera has a Smart Photo Selector function. How does it work?
When you're only half pressing on the shutter button, it already automatically starts shooting. So when you actually completely presses the shutter button, the camera would have temporarily taken 20 pictures for you and then ..... 
this is where the REALLYYY SMART thing comes in.

It will automatically save the BEST picture out of the 20 for you! Automatically deletes away all the all the bad images like stated:

Like whattttt. Loving this camera already? Save your love, there's more! 
Absolutely love love love when cameras have effects/filters!!! How effects/filters make every picture look better is just inexplicably amazing. *nobody disagrees

Some effects/filters this awesome camera has: 

Selective Colour

Maniature Effect

Easy Panorama

If you're still not convinced about how amazing this camera is, it actually offers a lot more than what I've told you! If i'm going to blog about them all, it's almost never-ending!

I'm ultra convinced how much I can look soooo good & fashionable in every picture without having to take thousands of pictures and choosing one among the many! HEHEHE

Just like that ;) .............


So if you want to learn more features about the Nikon 1 J2, visit 

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