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Friday, December 28, 2012

What can you NOT miss when you go to theme parks? Blah, easy question. 

Who didn't guess that right deserves a knock on the wall. Or those who haven't even tried roller coaster rides deserve one as well. 

No matter how many times I ride on roller coasters, it doesn't seem to get boring at all. The ups and downs and the twists here and there just makes it exciting every time! 

I used to be extremely quiet on rides and actually find those people screaming, stupid. BUT I don't actually know what got into me to start screaming but I find the extra fun you feel when you actually scream! 
I remember the first time I screamed was when the first time I rode a roller coaster at Genting. 
It was probably the least scariest roller coaster among all. Hey, don't judge. I was young and it was my virginity ride on a roller coaster. Who can blame me right.

After that one ride, I could be called fearless. (umm with exception; I can take any ride but the one called the ... drop ride *i think)
So thank you Genting, for breaking my virginity of roller coaster rides. Haha

To help more people, RWGenting has a new roller coaster ride reopened! 
Guess what it's called. CYCLONE. 

Same as the ride at the USS! haha, sorry getting heaps excited.

Honestly, can't wait to try this ride myself. You should totally go try it too :D

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