Third Day - CNY 2012

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hope you guys came back for more after the last post !

This post wouldn't be flooded with as many pictures as the last 2 ones . If you haven't seen them, YOU SHOULD !
DAY 1 & DAY 2
*you guys better go check them out

Outfit I had on the 3rd wasn't especially bought . Was bought quite a while ago but didn't have the chance to wear . So still new I guess .

Tell me which one of you guys actually play Black Jack during Chinese New Year ?!!
I learnt a new game but forgot what it's called, sadly . But i sure remember I was that day's big winner . HAHAHA . *not boasting or anything . totally am

Glad I had a chance to practice my photography skills with the objects and pretty lighting at my relative's (auntie's) house .

 Sorry, yes it is pretty hard for me to actually spot a chandelier that actually gives me time to shoot

Sorry I have to bore you with the usual posing stuff now ! *but then again, some of you may actually enjoy looking at them hehehe

 This was quite the fail one . We were aiming for a reflection ..

 Regina pose 1

 Regina pose 2

 Me pose 1 

 Me pose 2

 Regina pose 3

 Me pose 3

 Regina pose 4

 Regina pose 5

 Me pose 4

 Regina pose 6

 Me pose 5

Regina and me pose 1
Relieved or sad that it's over ? HAHA

You know how people always end the day with a group picture ? 
Have one right here :

a little blurry but still 
OMG i just have to say this ! So proud of myself that I'm actually done with my Chinese New Year Postings earlier that the last time ! Don't tell me you're not proud of me, huh huh ? :D 

Pretty much a lot of things have been inspiring me to come up with topics to blog about lately . Definitely going to find time to blog about them . See you all next time ! *hopefully won't be too long

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