First day - CNY 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012

yay ! It's a Chinese New Year picture post again ! Isn't that what you look forward to every year ? My Chinese New Year post ? Hmm ? *admit it already

Remember how long I took to post the last one ? Ages . 
But this time, I made an effort to make it quick ! *applause for myself 

I'm sure you guys are pretty excited what I wore for that 2 days . Well I kinda had 3 days of CNY . so 3 ! Bored of all the reading already ? Well the pictures are here !! Prepare for a massive long post of pictures, guys . 

Start the scrolling ~!

my sister's angel-feel attempt

her 2nd attempt

my model-posee attempt 

how's Valerie's close shot ? sexy much

Titantic attempt 1 ! My face showing unwillingness here

And then my finally-give-in face

Noticed I have a dog ? Yes I have a dog now . Toffee is his name [: 

And noticed how most of my pictures are filled with people posing like models ? THAT'S WHAT WE DO !  *shush, you know you do that too

Stay tuned for my day 2 outfit !! 

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