Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands & Genting Part 2

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

so here i am again, continuing with the flooding of pictures and an apology for the VERY VERY late update *yes i do realise that :/

i shall take your breathe away again(nobody asks for your opinion T.T) with some random pics :

 ohkay maybe i have over editted the above picture a little but it's clearer now that it's easier to spot the HUMONGOUS SPIDER & IT'S WEB

above is what a kind of pic a common photographer would take righttttt 

 an artsy shot i attempted

i am so liking the vintage effect i started editing some of my pics with that : 
 it's a snail ! i mean how often do you see this right ? *don't argue

this bee shot was a super hard one 


oh so we went to this awesome place where they have the oldest things in the past . ohkay, maybe not the OLDEST like in the dinosaur century but old, yes . 

1) what you see in the olden days of a barbershop

 2) the old television and cooker[?]

 3) Trishaw ! everybody knows this well

4) just an old scene you'd see

 5) modern people travelling back to the past ?

6) uhm .. doors ?

7) old ticketing counter for movies i suppose

 8) yayy modelling for the trishaw !

9) old baskets

10) and ... idk wth is this >.>

11) some random old stuff

12) old "toy"

13) old rollerblade they have in the past

14) random old stuff again

15) old briefcase

16) A-Go-Go cd . lool

17) obviously a motorbike

18) stuff related to the motorbike ? 

19) bicycle (need not explain right?)

20) baskets used in the past o.o

21) a real car or something ? looks awesome 

22) had to take it with the "description" 

22) pictures of Lee Kuan Yew

23) uhm .. i suppose what the kids play when they were little ?

24) rocking chair ! of course ..

 25) and idk what is this . probably a dressing table ?

26) uhm ... the past scooter(or idk what you call it :s)

27) oven ~~~ *i think

28) fireplace

more coming upppppppp ~!!! 


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