Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands & Genting Part 1

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

so i just came back from Malaysia - Cameron Highlands & Genting yesterday ! :D

it was a 4 day 3 night trip and it was awesomeeeee .

i mean i get to experience the past stuff that it's quite impossible to experience now especially in Singapore .
you know, all the plantation and big field stuff . so it was really great .

and besides, it was cold up there; totally opposite from in Singapore .

well now, prepare for the long post (mostly flooded with pics tbh)
but you'll like it i promise (Y)

truth is, the above has been saved as draft since 22nd Dec 2010 until now . O.M.G . so it has been very long yes . i know . my maths still qualifies in counting months and days thank you . 

enough of the words . now come the pictures :3
(not in sequence)

there is actually this breathtaking at the 2nd floor of the hotel if i remember correctly . you can see all the clouds and mountains up there . here's a pic of dad and mum that i took .

 i remembered it was freezing cold . ever got the feeling where you wake up very early in the morning when you don't feel like it because you're very tired and have to still take a shower even if it's cold ?
yeap that's the feeling . except mine's when i have to go down and have my breakfast very early in the morning when i'm super lazy . zZZ

we got a  room that is one room away from mum and dad's . above pic is taken from mum and dad hotel room's balcony . [:

me with my annoyed face . can't agree more .
don't ask me why i have that face on . i don't even know myself . haha

 this is taken from my room's balcony . 

 mum and dad 

ohkay starting from here, i'm gonna say start and you start scrolling until i say stop .


notice the pics you scrolled past are all flowers ? yeah . we went to this place where there are soooo many different types of flowers i just have to take pics of them .  
they look all pretty right . i knoww :D

well i took some artsy shots and random shots there as well *so i hope i don't bore you with the all the flowers; partly the reason why i told you to scroll through* :

so after that we went to this place where they have lots and lots of cactus . weird looking ones too . only took a few pics of it because i was reallyyyy tired after taking so many pics of flowers and stuff .

* The End (of part 1) *

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