Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands & Genting Part 3

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

here i am again . and people say my blog is rotting . i couldn't agree more so no i am not denying .
tbh, i haven't been blogging much ever since school become so so busy .

with the JAVA assignment which is a murderer and then comes all the UTs (fyi, tests aka apprentice of the murderer) at the same time. no doubt there will be more suicide case . psccht

anyway i am here for another chunk of photo uploads; continuation of the trip to Cameron Highlands & Genting . *so my friends said my pictures take yearsss to upload . oh they're exaggerating . or not hahaha (either way, very sorry it's always taking long!)


so there's actually this interesting story i heard from the tour guide . it has to be interesting for me to remember till now right !

this story actually involves a man . this man (Jim Thompson) :

and there the story goes ~

and no i did not take these pics to help me remember the story . i swear it's because the story's interesting ! 

so that man was NEVER found . creepy much . 

more pics ! 

not sure what this is but looks pretty cool

i thought this really gives the old feel back . don't you ?

i have modern people posing like old people in those days again ..

the old kind of mouse trap they have

i say it's true the brand "Darlie" is racist . LOL

the old big bulky cellphones 

this is like freaking cuteeee . the milk bottles they used to have ! i know right !

now i forgot what this is supposed to be *oops


this would be the end of part 3 !! 

sorry i have like hundreds of pics to upload . i'll try to upload them asap . school has been in the way much . i apologise . 
but not more left . [: 
next would bethe trip to Korea !!! 


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