Inconsiderate People on Trains & Buses [poles]

Monday, December 27, 2010

hello my fellow babies . *yes, i am trying to make you all new sweet nicknames so you wouldn't blame me so much for the lacking of posts recently . i am sooo sorry BABIES . forgiven ? *oh you know you can't get mad at me ;)

so i am here now with something to talk about . i mean i have been lacking of some i like to call it "complain" posts .

you know where's the most common place people have something to rant about ? yeah, for sure the train or the bus !

so actually i tried to look for a pic for this but couldn't find one so ....

pardon me for my bad drawing ? :p

hopefully you know what i'm drawing .

so yeah basically this is the problem you always see in the bus or on the train .
the person on the left could be me but then, i would not have that "sorry" look but an irritated one instead .

the problem ?


GAWDD i really can't take it anymore . whenever you board a bus or a train, there would be people who are that inconsiderate to lie on the pole like this like its nobody's business . *rolls eyes*

i mean have you got no back bone or something ? ohkay, i mean even if you don't have, you have to think for others too right ? i mean what'll happen if people don't have the pole to support them when the bus suddenly halted or make a big turn or something ?

HAVE SOME HEART WILL YOU . *not a question

and you guys know what could be worse ?

people who's lying on the pole, turned out to have a BIG ASS and have the pole between their asses

something like that i guess ? lmaoooo . ohkay, it's official, my drawing of a butt sucks . pschtt .

but anyway, point is, this happens ! yes i swear it happened . well my friend saw it . like thank god it's not me . T.T

please people . it's gross ohkay . can you imagine people having to hold the pole that you had it between the cheeks of your ass ? -.-

-------------------- ... -------------------------

yeah you expect people to ask you to stand properly and ask you properly to let them hold the pole ?


that's soooo not happening . *rolls eyes*

so, people, the one way that resolves your madness and their inconsiderate behaviour - i present you the method of CHERYL;crayyzee . *yeah this is kind of a crazy method . but i like it (Y)

*warning* do not try this on elderlies
1) grab the pole when his/her body manages to leave the pole a little bit

2) grab the pole at that chance

3) point 4 fingers out to grab the pole ONLY with your thumb somehow

4)point the 4 fingers towards the persons backs

5) WAIT (for them to bump back to the pole and wala!)

6) keep your 4 fingers afap(as fast as possible) and so when they turn to look at you, they're the one to say sorry !

MUAHAHAHA ! the vicious but useful plan . you have to agree .

beware, inconsiderate people . >:)

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  1. nanged this...its not a problem if the ass is


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