Superstitious ? Believe it or Not (Post 2)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

so here i am again continuing with the 4th video . i bet lots of you have watched all of the parts already . pscchtt . yeah i know this is going slow but who can blame me ? all the school work and stuff ..

The Music Industry Exposed Part 4

so, the continuation of RAIN MAN .
i kinda like Eminem now though . he's superb in rapping .

but anway the first part of the video shows him rapping about him regretting selling his sould to the devil .

well actually i didn't know there's this show called "Rain Man" actually. but now i know . so this show is to symbolise Rain Man, the devil . *nods*
they're good, making this movie so people wouldn't have so much doubt and ask who Rain Man is .

can't imagine the song "Umbrella" has a much more deeper meaning than a woman's love for a man . or should i say, it doesn't mean that at all ? idk

you guys should totally check out the part where they analyse the "umbrella" mv part . creepy as hell . something's strange about the video *goosebumps*

mm it involves psychology stuff too . this is interesting . it says devils can't take control of your souls unless you INVITE EVIL . *bewildered face*

The Music Industry Exposed Part 5

Devils Night --> 3am
hmm now it makes sense why the chinese saying goes "三更半夜" (adults don't like us to stay out till this late)

and people who like wearing the cross crucifixion around their necks !! tsk tsk . so they have made them believe wearing that wearing that is to symbolise their faith and devotion to christanity . which in actual fact, it is not !
i have to say though, they are really good at this gawddd .

and NO, i will NOT wear a symbol of hammer to show the remembrance of my mother if she was beaten to death with a hammer (*TOUCHWOOD*)

take note that some artists regret selling their souls though . and if they try to run away from it, the next thing they know, they'd be on the news - arrested for drug or gun possession . Eg. DMX, 50 Cent etc.

the most scariest thing is that if they wanna warn people about it, their image will be destroyed and if they don't stop still, they get killed ! WTF . feeling so enraged about this . i feel sorry for MJ now .

ohkay, i admit i WAS disliking MJ a little because of the news that he molested a kid . *hey i'm being honest*
but now i'm totally on his side i swearrrr . he was wronged . i feel for him . :/


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  1. Anonymous3:03 AM

    Astonishing style. I want to be able to write that way.


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