The Music Industry Exposed

Superstitious ? Believe it or Not (Post 1)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

being reallyyyyy busy and considering this topic is gonna give a long post, i'm gonna separate it to not let you wait for that long .
so this is POST 1 (:

haven't gone past the Satanic stuff . ugh yeah i know . but i've found something more convincing and creepier this time round . trust me, you'll get goosebumps when you watch this at night .

The Music Industry Exposed Part 1

yes people tend to not care about the lyrics or notice the repetition of them sang by the artists . like what i used to do . or maybe still do idk .

heard Illuminati ? wondering what is Secret Society ?

Several definitions : Wikipedia, Web definitions, thefreedictionary

but basically, it is :

this symbol represents IT .

so from the first video, you realise there are lots of songs which are singing about it huh . and i mean HUGE LOT .

The Music Industry Exposed Part 2

so this tells us it's normal if you don't see the little "clues" because the Illuminati likes to hide things in plain sight .
even the MV in "Umbrella" shows something . but we can't see cause it's not obvious enough . but now we know . and it IS creepy .

and like wth, you don't suppose so many MVs show the symbol there accidentally ? there has got to be some meaning :s

ohkay, i do realise that the video at some point is a lil bit wordy but you have to read ! *don't want to ? *shrugs*

and wth towards the last part it's like sooo creepy . why would Eminem tell his fans to do that illuminati sign ? sooo weird

The Music Industry Exposed Part 3

this one tells us IN DETAIL who Rain Man actually is .

RAIN = Abundant Blessings From Above

Rain Man =
wth ? as in wth why would singers sing about IT then ?

you should totally look at the part where they showed the Music Videos by some artists . they correspond to the meaning of Rain Man .
money falling up from above, singing "rain", "rain" again and again . not to mention, very slutty girls .

So the celebs kind of sold their sold to the devil as mentioned . for money and fame i suppose . yeah . Kanye West (i have no idea who he is) admitted it on his own o.O

Jay-Z, Katy Perry, Eminem etc. oh gawwdd

Rain Man mumbles numbers ? *weird face*
you have to listen to the part where Eminem rapped all these weird numbers . what are all that for ? the numbers don't make sense at all .


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  1. Eminem didn't tell his fans to do the pyramid. It was the other one. :S

  2. Eminem didn't tell his fans to do the pyramid. It was Jay-Z. The pyramid (or what he calls, the "diamond")is his signature sign or something. He does that ALL THE TIME. He's a real satanist. >:@


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