Thursday, April 01, 2010

well some of you may not be excited to know about my class gathering but i'm sure i'm excited to blog about it !

so we had a bbq session which starts at 6pm but as usual, i'm late . yeah yeah, now you know i'm like THE late girl but you know you still love me . man, am i good at rhymes or what ?

BBQ session
right, so we had this first . only one thing i'm not happy about . and that is the fried rice which got me full so i didn't get to eat the chicken wing and MORE marshmallows and the fish !! GGGRRR . totally missed them . i was freaking bloated because of the rice . -.-

what's the lesson you learn from this ? never take too many of the SAME food if there are many VARIETIES of food . because it's totally not worth it . hey ! what's wrong being a typical singaporean in general ! Xp

and the moment you guys have been waiting for ! or is it just me :p PICS !

ohkay, hmm .. why did i take this pic ? hmm .. ehh, not because i'm racist ohkay . because it is to show that we are SO not racist ! :D

you must be thinking why the hell did i take so many pics of the otahs .
firstly, i only get to eat a spoon of it . YES ! ONLY a spoon of it . ehh ehh, i know what all of you are thinking ohkay . must be that food is all that i think about . no no no .

so yeah i guess i would miss it so i take lots of pics of it .
*actually that's not the reason . just that i did . *shrugs*

i aimed to take pics with EVERYONE at the gathering ...


with LIMIN



for those who noticed, i didn't reach my aim ! didn't take with Rayney Khoo . yes you !! didn't reach my aim, didn't reach my aim . why ? because you look fierce i don't dare to ask you ! o.O stupid reason, i know but everyone will agree if you see his face ! :p

well yes valerie get to take a pic with him but whilst he's looking at elsewhere . LOL .

some random pics ..
i don't remember taking this pic . LOL

you must be thinking what did i do when nature calls ..
go to this person's house ...

lady in white with long hair ....

HAHAHA . so i did ask for her to take a couple of pics with me because she looks like someone i know ..

i was testing out the vintage look for this pic . have or not ? have or not ?
and take a look at this !

the one on her left was done by Valerie.L while the one on her right was done by her

want to see mine ? :DDD excited right ??



TA DA !!

yeah, right . how deeeeesaaaaaapoooooointeeeeeeeng(disappointing)

lastly, the end of our BBQ session .

POOSSH ~! ohkay, idk what's that but whatever

so guess who suggested it ? yeah, VALERIE.L . wah big surprise -.- haha

only some of us went there though . it was like 11 or 12 plus by then, i think .
SAFFRA 's the place ;)

so yeah yeah . there you see my candid shot . and an ugly one . i bet all of you have been waiting for this for like ages . so there .

i can say i suck at billiard but who cares ?

you can never guess i went back at 3 plus in the morning . i enjoyed myself a lot . and i mean A LOT . no exaggeration .

EMOTIONAL TIME *yeah, most of you must be getting sick of the emotional side of me but LALALA
to all of 6G '04 classmates .. all of you may have new friends, new best friends, new good friends etc., but i hope our friendship still remains :D I LOVE ALL OF YOU ! and i know all of you love me too !

right ? LOL

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