Saturday, April 10, 2010

me: readers oooouuuuuiiiii !
readers: ooooooouuuuuiiii !
me: readers oouuuuuuiiiii !
readers: ooouuuuuiiii !
me: readers sut sut oooouuuuiiiii !
readers : sut sut ooooouuuiii !

nice ! the camp was hella fun . VERY tiring but VERY fun . well my phone was kept for safety purposes so i can't really update much on twitter . so right now, i can only use my super 512kb memory mind to recall back what happened during Cypher Camp @ Republic Polytechinic

big, small, weird, stylish etc etc bags are seen everywhere . mine, i have big and small . da bao xiao bao . very exaggerating one . ehh, people want to keep themselves nice cannot is it ?

lined up and blah blah blah . yeah all those boring lame stuff . AT FIRST, that is . i'd say the student leaders and cypher members are all pretty funny . keep you awake a lil . yeah, only a lil . most probably because i slept at around 2 or 3 plus ? and woke up at 6 plus . zZZ

but next thing up certainly keeps us all awake though . at least that's what i think .
A GAME . called "Blow Wind Blow" .
ohkay i may be mean but what i like most about the game is definitely the forfeit part . ;)
yeah, of course i didn't get to forfeit or else i wouldn't like it .
sad that the cameraman didn't manage to take pics during the game so i can't show you guys . sorry

after that .. hmm .. recalling .. should be lunch I THINK . a not bad lunch . actually the food we had during the camp was all pretty good compared to the ones we had during primary school camps and secondary school camps, seriously .

only thing i have to say about the food . eventhough the food is good, i can't possibly eat it everyday . why ? because every meal contains CHICKEN .

and i don't think anybody takes chicken everyday !
right ??

i certainly feel that i gain weight after that camp eventhough with all that exercise we do and all . probably because of chicken everyday .

you'd be happy to know that i'm telling you loads of fun games you can play with your friends !!
i'll see what games i can remember though .
*note: i name the games myself :p

1) Piggy-Back Ping Pong
mainly you'll have to have a partner and one of you will have to piggy-back the other . the one who's being piggy-backed holds a spoon with a ping-pong ball on it in his/her hands . and he/she is to be piggy-backed to a container further up front to drop the ping-pong ball into the container.

2) Spin and Kneel-pop
ehh, stupid name . but in this game, you'll have to spin around . girls-8 times, guys-10 times . and then you run over to pop a balloon usingyour knees . what i hate about this game ? i have a phoebia towards balloons and how do you expect me to pop a balloon ??!! >.<> guess what ? i tried to pop it like thousands of times HARD but that stupid fucking yellow balloon just won't burst ! yes, i still remember that balloon's colour . or is it orange ? no, can't remember . i haveto change another balloon to pop . and guess what again ? no, not that it won't burst again . but i ended up with a blue-black on my knee . WTF .

the next game has got something to do with these 2 pics ...

did you guess it right ?

3) The Banana Armpit-Pass
you'd probably know what this game is about already . yes, passing A banana with your armpit . and the last person at the back will have to eat that banana . gross i know but fun . hahaha . so one brave guy stood at the back and ate it . i worship him .

*plays the national anthem*

yeah ... this next game is also about bananas ...
4) The Banana Feet-Pass
wait, wait, don't conclude the ending first . THE LAST PERSON DON'T HAVE TO EAT THE BANANA THIS TIME . yes, so don't eeeewww twice . so mainly we sit around in circle and pass to each other using our feets . there's a time limit and the more rounds you pass the better .

5) Lucky Lucky Draw
simple . one person from your team lucky draw something out of a box . either you get flour on your face, or you have to blow a balloon until it burst . of course you have to find someone with the best of luck right . i was praying the flour on the face . most of them were too .
and i worship the guy who lucky-drew .

*plays the National Anthem* *AGAIN*

6)Apple Eating & Polo Sweets in Flour
really, i'm starting to suck at making names for all these games . pardon me . there are two games in this station . someone will have to finish eating the apple without touching it with hands but only mouth . of course other members can help by finishing the apple together as well . another game, team members will have to find polo sweets in this box of flour . yeah, flour again . and then use the mouth of take them out .
you get to eat flour ! yay ! -.-

7)Rainbow Stairs
this game mainly tests on your memorising skills . For those who have seen Taiwanese entertainment shows, this game was played . only theirs is harder . Basically, you have to memorise which colour comes first and so on and then you walk up the stairs stepping on the colours you have memorised .
ohkay ! i suppose these are enough to fill your brains . you have to try them with your friends sometime !! come on children, don't be shy, just give it your best shot . familiar phrase ? From here :

well that camp is mostly about enjoying all the games and stuff and i did :D
i have to admit that i'm a little .. ohkay, not a little ... was quite sad when it comes to the last day . ALRIGHT ! I ADMIT ! I ALMOST CRIED . THERE . laugh -.-
but of course on the other hand, i wouldn't want to sleep on the floor forever . you don't know how bad the backaches are . soooo good to be back in my own bed .
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