Monday, March 22, 2010

fyi, this post is just for YOU . feeling honoured ?
i know you probably don't have the PATIENCE to finish reading this

first of all, i thank YOU who gave me the inspiration to blog about this .
and then, i turn my face and give YOU a slap in the face . just like what YOU did . (:

here here, right here . WATCH .

so you think Korean dramas or whatever tv shows are dramatic ? well i agree with that because they are dramas afterall . and you think i am ? yes i am . and you think you're not ? yes you are .

why do people make tv shows or dramas like that ? because in real life, people do act like that . and things in shows do happen in real life . your character may appear in one of the shows but you have no idea . come on .

LIFE IS JUST LIKE A SHOW . never heard of that ? well good for you that you just learn a new thing . though i admit that you do know quite a lot of things, but you don't know EVERYTHING .

you think you know everything do you . well you don't . and that includes you thinking i've done something wrong when i didn't . though i don't actually know what i actually did because you won't tell me .

uh ... guys, i know i am going out of point here . this is one post i am going to get the biggest F for but please bear with me .

now here comes another thing i have to say . (man i know it is going to be a long post)

anyway, you got mad at me said all those mean and hurtful things to me and you can choose not to tell me why ? everybody knows it is ridiculous . you are . nobody can be scolded a bitch without knowing the reason why . and you got mad at me for asking you the reason ? i have the right to know mister ! do you like to be called a bastard all of a sudden without knowing why ? NO !

you assume you're right in everything . from all our past conversations, you always have been very sure that you are right . you never thought about others have you . you did not realise that it is unfair for me not to know what happened for you to get mad at me so suddenly . you did not realise you changed to a totally different person . you did not realise how i felt when you said those things to me . YOU DID NOT .

why is it unfair ? because this thing involves me so i have the right to know . because you are calling me a bitch THERE(Ireland) while i can only sit here and do nothing because you REFUSE to tell me what happened .

what's the reason for him not telling me, my readers ? "i am not interested" is that a reason ? that's not EVEN an excuse . guys, i don't see the link there, do you ? what has you being interested or not got to do with you telling me about MY STUFF ???!

oh, and you think it's fun to say you have a soft spot for girls ??? you like girls to love you like mad and kick their arses around after that ? you love it ??!!

i believe YOU can't hang on reading till here .

at least i did let it out . one of my purpose . not feeling any better though .


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