Nuffnang Movie Contest - "When In Rome"

Monday, March 15, 2010


oh i am sooo excited about winning this movie ticket . hmm .. why ? most probably because there are lots of hot guys inside . you know girls . but on top of that, the movie sounds really interesting as well . i mean, who could pick up a coin and get so many guys to fall in love with her ? uh .. oh, no one . but we sure can dream in this movie . so why not ?
oh, and sorry, one more addition to that, the questions seems pretty fun to answer :D well so even if i didn't win in the end(though i want to badly :p), i still had fun i suppose .

with sooo many choices, i think it'd probably be hard for her to make a choice . so uhm .. ima help her make one . HAHAHA .

so my choice would be ...
NICK(Josh Duhamel) !!

why is another question though . my one reason being the most common answer would be
1) he is hella hot (told you this would be the common answer)
i mean hello .. do you get the situation here ? any girl would choose Nick ! oh you know you would .
even the guys . sorry, no, i meant gays . yes ! come on, admit that already .

2)because he likes her already BEFORE she even picks up the coin .
this is the part where i go emotional . sorry if you can't take it .
come on, it is pretty obvious it is kind of a true love . NO HELP FROM THE COIN . duh .
so if people's choosing the others- anyone of them(which i probably don't think there are)- i'd ask, what happens if this coin was lost ?

3)he is normal . and by what do i mean ? you know it ! model ripping off his clothes in public, magician flying up to your office and an artist painting a whole body pic of you in public ??? you'd totally choose NICK .

now that i did help her make a choice .. maybe if i were to make MY choice . without all of these guys of course . hmm .. 3 things i would want in my man ?

1)he must be the one who can give me that magic .
no no . not magic like what magicians do . magic that lights up the heart . you can't LEARN it . now that's some magic .

now i have something to say . for people who say that emotions can graudually build even when you don't like the person from the start, i have to make it clear that it's not true ! well to me anyway . because i am sick of people coming to me on the internet wanting to be more than friends and when i tell them nicely that i'm not interested, they come telling me that emtions can be build and blah blah blah stuffs like that thinking that they are being so emotionally wise .

now why do i think they're so wrong ? because, when a person is already not interested in you from the beginning, they WOULD NOT WANT to build emotions with you do you understand ???? phew, now i feel much better .

2)he has got to have a sense of humour
who would want to feel like she's talking to a robot ? conversations would be boring without humour . and when conversations get boring, both of us wouldn't really want to talk to each other no more and i don't want that to happen .
and a person who doesn't have a sense of humour laughs like a robot . HA HA HA .(monotone) -.- i'd rather have a bf who laughs like this(CLICK IT ), really .

3)he should be caring
well caring carries more than just care for you . it involves romantic as well . and so i would like that as much . and also by being caring, it does "guarantee" that you would not have an abusive husband . hehe . inverted commas . this kind of things, nothing can be guaranteed . (:

alright ! so these are the 3 points . well i could go on forever . but maximum only 3 . so i've tried my hardest to pick out 3 from ... let's say an endless list . LOL .


AND ...

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