Chinese New Year

Tuesday, February 23, 2010




i know it has been a long time since i blogged and that you guys missed me so much ! *don't deny !
it seems pretty late to blog about Chinese New Year but i'm sure a lot of you want to know how it went .

Reunion Dinner

as how it always goes, we'll have our reunion dinner before Chinese New Year . we had it at Jurong Point . A restaurant named "Dian Xiao Er". the food there is pretty good, i'd say .

traditionally, the "Raw Fish Salad" comes first . we call it "Yu Sheng" actually.
curious ? you know me, i will not leave you wondering how it looks like .


ah, there you see this nice plate of "Yu Sheng". what do we do first ? we stir it like mad dogs ! and ALWAYS AT EVERY TABLE where people ordered this dish, it will end up with something like this ....

yes, all over the table . i guarantee every table with this dish will end up like this . no lies . and WE ARE NO EXCEPTION .
and then other food are up ! mm mm .. shan't keep you waiting . you know what makes the best effect ? stick your nose on the computer screen and smell it !
always works .

yeah ! who could miss out Sharks Fin on this day :D guess who's serving ?

my dad -.- look at his hand . man isn't he acting like one of them . ACTO (my new vocab for people who "show off" by acting) nice huh, cute and attractive . dad, see how good your daughter is .

for this dish, one word, NASTY . not that they cook it not well, it's just that this dish tastes like that . the way LOTS of us don't like it . i only like the black thingy which looks like hair . haha .

this one is delicious i remember . well anything which goes with brocolli(my favourite) is nice ;)

and OMFG is this the bestest dish ever . COD FISH !! my favourite !! crispy on the outside, soft flesh on the inside . damn it's good .

and guess who's serving it ? AGAIN ? -.-
ah, you see the ACTO .

don't really remember this one but i do remember it's quite a good one

by the look it, it has got to be good .

and lastly, the dessert !

looks like grass jelly but nope, it's "Gui Ling Gao".

you know, if you haven't had your breakfast, lunch,dinner or supper(depending on the time you read this post), then oops :p

and we can't miss out the reunion photo !

ah, look at the big happy family .

Chinese New Year Day 1

it's visting grandparents on the first day ! :D

preparing ...


and after hours of preparation .. want to know how i look ?


this was taken when i was waiting for Mee Goreng . sometimes, Chinese New Year has it's advantage and disadvantage . no, i should say everything has . and in this case, lots of food stalls are not opened so yeah .

worse still, it came in such a big plate i can't finish -.-

and no of course i don't leave my sister out .

second,i don't miss my grandmas out !

she used to be not this thin . lost a lot of weight, sadly .
alright, i'm not getting emotional .

what about cousins ? :D

i figure it's be rather awkward to take pics with my parents as i see them everyday but oh well, a camwhore is a camwhore . would take whatever it is to get on cam ..

oh, and what about our new family member ? well, not quite new but there .

he loves me so much . hahaha .

you must be wondering how come i have so many pics of just myself . i figure i have wwaaaaayyyy too much to post up here but then again, i'm a camwhore sooooo HEH HEH HEH


do you find yourself asking yourself questions ? LOL

maybe a change of style ?

how do i look in specs ?
hmm .. what about shades ?

more shots ... getting tired already ? well you can't just give up ! you're halfway through ! hmm .. maybe, lesser than that . but who cares, you'll have to continue !ah, long time since i made this sign . now to do it, i look so stupid . -.-

well you can't believe i just couldn't stop taking pics after i got home, can you . with my messy hair, that is .

Chinese New Year Day 2

visiting relatives for this day ! on day 1, i go with cute . for this day, i go with mature ..

so, what do you think ? (don't mind my face because i know it looks stupid)

we have sooo many relatives we ended up travelling to 6 places ! and of course i wouldn't let you wait any longer . PICS !!

check out what my second cousin(half italian-half chinese) has for his collection .


isn't it the cutest collection ever ?? check out that hot babe wearing a golden bikini . hehheh ;)

hmm .. and how can i waste every minute i have in the car ??

now look at Lavis !

looks like he loves to take pics to since he's smiling . LOL
and so i took a pic with him

and found out that he doesn't want to take a pic with me :@


sorry to disappoint you but this post hasn't ended yet . sorry, just a couple more pics that i took after i reach home .

taking the above 3 pics makes me wonder how these pics would look like on the cover of the album of my own . hmm ...

and when my album name is "The Love You Got"

i did it in a rish so it doesn't look so good but you got my point . LOL . man if i really have an album .. DREAM . people can dream, just shut up already .

speaking of dreams, i quote from Justin Bieber "dreams do come true. you just gotta believe"

people notice my wishlist ? OMFG, Justin Bieber followed me finally !!!! i was so happy i cried . not that i'm crazy or anything like that .

so i'm blogging a long post about him afterall . await that ! ;D

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