Tuesday, November 24, 2009

to explain why i blogged soooo late, i'm here . LOL .

i was busy with HOUSEWORK ohkay . HOUSEWORK ! yes ! you aren't hearing things . housework ! hehe . :D good girl . *pats myself on the head*

things i did : (prove prove)*

1) wash the bird cage

ohkay, don't say i'm not good . i'm telling you my sister and i haven't clean the cage for months . so it's really uh .. dirty ?

2) give Lavis a bath
in case anybody don't know, Lavis is my pet dog . (:

3)mop the floor
mum wants the water that's used to be black zZZ

so now i'm here :D

i talked to a guy from America earlier this morning . mind you, he loves sushi like me ! haha . he wants to have a sushi-eating competition with me . ohkay, you must think a guy can definitely eat more than a girl but i'm going to prove you wrong if he comes here . you'll see . *hope i can :x

i'm going to let him see this . you better see this . LOL .

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