Thursday, November 26, 2009



i'm just soooooo pissed off with this guy whom i met in the net . he came and talk to me . ohkay, i didn't want to say this but after what he said to me, i decided that i should . he's 20 plus years old but looks like someone who's 30 plus . ohkay, done .

this is exactly what happened . well, maybe not exactly-i'll summarise it here and there .

first, he came to talk to me . i forgot what he said . but i remember we didn't talk much because if we did, i'd probably remember who he is when he added me on msn . i have no idea who he is really . he said i was beautiful, cute and stuffs like that . it's very typical 'for guys to say this . so i don't really mind about this . he kept on hinting me to go on cam but i was pretty busy most of the time when i'm on the computer . ridiculousy, he said it was an excuse and said i don't want to talk to him . till this point, i suddenly remembered i haven't tell you that he's an American . so back to the story . he said i was making up excuses ! *some people may know how i feel, idk . but i'm really busy when i'm on the net . there are like always people whom idk talking to me on msn at the same time so i take a looooonnnnggg time to reply . ohkay ? damn you, maniac .

that was not the only ridiculous thing, though . he started telling me that he was what trying to make me like him but it doesn't work ? something like that . I TOLD HIM IN THE NICEST WAY POSSIBLE OHKAY . i said i like him as a friend . he said idk what he mean . and that he's really sad and stuffs like that . so i explained . i said, "look, i'm really sorry . i do know what you mean . but ... i have a person whom i like at the moment ." -*copied exactly from the conversation history.

guys ! pay attention here ! does the phrase sound mean ? does it ?! omg, i can't believe he said i sounded mean here . CRAP !

he was obviously making me feel guilty by telling me i'm the first girl he liked and that he had never ask a girl out before because he's too shy . i am mainly just trying to encourage him and he's blaming me for things . WTF ! ridiculous . i told him that there is a second girl, second try . and that he shouldn't just give up like that . am i wrong in any way ??!!!

he started talking about hs grandfather . zZZ ~ -* who wants to know about it . please, give me a break .

he was obviously trying to gain sympathy ohkay . telling me that his grandfather told him that he should tell a girl that he likes her if he does . and then he said his grandfather died in his arms when he was 15 . and omg, ohkay, it is sad-*fyi, i said i'm sorry for him. but am i suppose to know this ? he even maligned me for saying that his grandfather is a liar ! can you believe this guy ! i even told him nicely that his grandfather's idea is right but it must be used at the right time . come on, you agree with me, right ? this guy is a maniac .
i can't believe i'm spending this time writing about this guy but yeah . i can't believe i spent time talking to him either ! he even said i should move to america because i fit in with the dumb white girls there ? WTH ! said i like breaking guys' hearts - which is sooooo not true ! i did tell him nicely didn't i ? how else does he expect me to do ?! he said i should at least say a thank you when he expressed his feelings for me ?! i have met many many guys like this ohkay . a thank you wouldn't do anything . shit you . oh ya, speaking of shit, he kept saying i'm shitting on him . come on, my butts here, it won't fly to America for you .

THIS IS THE MOST FUCKING LAMEST SHIT - he insulted me saying, "I'm wasteing time trying to get a bitch to understand shit and learn how to better talk to a caucasian. the type of guy she loves and wants to date. but she is too pig head and thinks her own shit smells like roses."- copied exactly from the conversation history . so it's nt my fault his spelling is bad . ie. wasteing . he went offline just like that .
i can't believe this kind of people exist . not doing the world any good .

first, i wish you all the best for your second chance . second, i wish that you'll never have your second chance again . third, my ass just flew over and shit on you .


an american friend of mine (not chris) requested update pics of Lavis . so here you go ! ;D

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