Saturday, November 28, 2009

actually i was going to upload pics and talk about animals . but seeing as i don't have my handphone with me now, i'll have to talk about other things . i left my phone in my dad's car, i think . god it's soooo weird not to have your phone with you .

anyway, i thought of something to post about after talking to one of my american friend . seeing he's planning to come to singapore and that i'm having difficulty describing and introducing the things in singapore to him AND to make him more interested in coming to singapore, i'm going to do it here . :D SINGAPORE, i'm good right ? i know .

hmm ... let me introduce my favourite place in singapore first . it's CLARKE QUAY, obviously . LOL . it's the most famous place where caucasians go to for clubbing and pubbing . *oh god, the secret's out . (if you know what i'm talking about)

i know my friend doesn't like that kind of stuff so i'm going to say the night view there is awesome (:

here are two pics of the night view . *i think i can take better pics, though . LOL . :p

i'm not finished about clarke quay yet . if you are a person who likes really adventurous things, then i think this game(above) is for you . we have sort of bungee jump in clarke quay . two types: one of which bounces up and down and another one which swings to and fro . from my observation, the swinging to and fro one seems to be a lot more of a frightening experience than the bouncing up and down one . *if you noticed, i said i observed-which means i've never tried before . LOL .

second place 'd like to introduce is sentosa . well although i've only been there once -*i know, pathetic, i believe i can still tell you the basics . LOL . so basically, it's famous for its UNDERWATER WORLD, PINK DOLPHINS MERLION STATUE AND MUSICAL FOUNTAIN .

for the underwater world, -*man, i'm bad at describing this . you know it. LOL .
so, pics are here to help . a picture speaks a thousand words . omg, i'm good .

i believe you can tell from now that you can see loads of fishes in this sort of "tunnel" or "cave" or whatever you call it . -*i know you're laughing . LOL .
and well, i'd say that lots of fishes are ones that you've never seen before . like the mermaid . not really the mermaid you see in fairytales, though . so go check it out . ;)

and about the merlion statue, it's really big . it is made where you can take a lift to the top of the statue to take a look of the view from up there . IT 'S BEAUTIFUL . you'll have to see it for yourself . it is really beautiful especially at night . :D i can show you the pic of the merlion at day and night . (:




and now for the amazing musical fountain(or songs of the sea) ! :D this is soooooo impossible for me to describe it with words . take a look for yourself .

amazing, isn't it ? :D
actually i don't think the pics are enough to tell you things .

ohkay ! now for you, i introduce the East Coast Beach . actually there aren't much to say about beaches . haha . loads of pics, though . (:

that's the end of my introduction . actually i didn't finish introducing every places of interest in singapore because there's too much . haha . :x


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