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Sunday, October 23, 2016

If improving your skin to look younger than your age is something you desire, this post may be for you!

Introducing you to Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink, the thing that can help you with locking up your youth. This is my first time trying out a kind of drink that could help with skincare, to be honest. Thank you SampleStore for hooking me up!

Having healthy looking skin definitely plays an important part in making us look younger and in some cases, helping us to appear more energetic and awake as well! 

The "Stem Cell" in Avalon Beauty Drink refers to the Young Orchid Stem Cells that is present in this drink. Why are orchid stem cells used for this drink, you might ask? 

I just learnt that in the past, orchids were actually used to promote good health and cure diseases by the ancient Chinese, Ancient Aztecs brewed a potion from its flowers to obtain power over their enemies and Europeans used it in love potions and the Geeks used it for fertility. 
I know, right? Wow.

**Sorry for all the theories but bear with me! These are all very important facts to know for your skin! 

Today, orchid extracts are used in different kinds of products; like hair care, body care and skincare products.
But wait! Researchers have found a breakthrough in an untapped part of Orchids.. Yup, you guessed it! ITS STEM CELLS.

In order to have good skin, it is fundamental that we maintain healthy skin cells. In that way, the healthy skin cells are able to benefit from any oral supplements or skincare by fully absorbing and locking in the skin beneficial nutrients! 

Going back to the orchid stem cells... It is discovered that it is a powerful antioxidant and possesses strong anti-inflammatory properties. It's able to hydrate and renew our skin cells, making it an excellent youth revitaliser.

Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink is the first beauty drink in Singapore that contains young orchid stem cells.


- Rejuvenates damaged skin cells

- Reduces wrinkles & fine lines

- Restores skin firmness & elasticity

- Brightens skin

- Tighten pores

- Locks in moisture

It is recommended that you have 1 bottle before bedtime. Does it taste awful? NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST.

It'd be like having a soft drink before bedtime. Easy peesy. It really tasted like a carbonated soft drink to me!

Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink is made with sparkling water that not only adds a refreshing twist to conventional beauty but also helps to boost nutrients absorption & promotes skin metabolism. 

I have already finished my 10 bottles and honestly, I'm willing to give 10 more bottles another go. Hmm also because I may require more than 10 bottles to see the obvious results.
The ingredients in the product seemed really promising and i'm determined that it will show results. 

If you are interested to try out Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink for yourself, is is available at various places!

**Retailing at $69.90 for a box of 10

- Watsons
- Unity Pharmacy
- OG
- Robinsons
- Yue Hwa

Purchase online at www.hibeau.com with the code "TSS-20OFF" to get 20% off!

Sample Store is giving away a box of Avalon Stem Cell Beauty Drink on their Facebook page!
Don't miss it! - Giveaway post

Thank you for reading,
Cheryl x

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