Garlic Madness

Monday, January 12, 2015

It should be clear to you as to what place it is already? If you are a person to follow deals on groupon or similar sites like that, I think a promotion for this place has been ongoing for quite a while now.
Because this post has been pushed so far back, I don't think it is anymore. I am not proud of that.

That's right, it's MAD FOR GARLIC! Brought 2 vouchers bought on Groupon to be shared among a group of friends quite a while ago. *I know, look at how overdue my posts are

Here's a summarized picture of what we ordered

One of my friends had been there before and she was really persistent in convincing us on how amazing their one pizza is. I must say, it was definitely more tasty than I expected. I rarely use the word best but I am just going to say that it is easily the best pizza I have ever had. You need to try it at least once in your life or you'd regret it. Guaranteed.

Garlic Snowing Pizza

This pizza, my friends, is the godly pizza aka GARLIC SNOWING PIZZA. I'm not going to say look at all the prawns because I really think the main ingredient here is the garlic. It deserves the title foodporn. #justsaying

Grilled Chicken & Mushroom Risotto

The Mad Mexi Nacho Pizza

I personally didn't really enjoy this one. I think it's quite a weird combination giving a weird taste. Maybe I don't really know how to enjoy this kind of pizzas...

Lobster Cream Pasta

Loveeeee. I think you can safely say you are already in love from the looks of it. It's creamy but not too creamy and it tasted just right. What with the fish roe texture; it just gives another kind of goodness in your mouth.

BBQ Chicken Ranch Pizza

P/s: Sorry for the blur pictures. I didn't exactly have my camera with me

Thank you for reading!
Cheryl x

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