A Day with Selfie Stick

Thursday, January 08, 2015

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SELFIE STICK? Sounds familiar? How could it not be. Selfie stick has stirred up quite the commotion given how it helps taking selfies much easier. And SELFIES, do I even need to elaborate? It's a necessity! *don't even disagree with me on this

Therefore, I shall present to you my one day with a selfie stick feat. Toffee and Valerie!

That's how long it goes!
Taken with iphone

I think the the extreme length of the stick is definitely perfect for when you want to take a selfie with a beautiful scenery especially. Be it beautiful lake, mountains or even stupid people in the background. *like people caught picking nose or people caught scratching their butts in public

The selfie stick is not only for your phone, it can be for your camera too! I have been very peculiar about good-quality pictures since.. not sure when. So you can imagine how excited I was to get my camera attached on that selfie-stick! 

I guess the only 2 drawbacks are:
1) I don't think it can hold a DSLR *lol
2) It gets a little heavy to manage by just one hand *as you can tell, i'm using both hands
All in all, Val and I had an awesome time hanging out with the selfie stick. Not sure about Toffee since I kept dragging him to take pictures. Haha. I'm sure he did though! 

Here are a ton of pictures we had fun capturing with the selfie stick! Went a little overboard, really. But who could blame us.

Caught in time when Toffee decided to give me his popular kiss attack

 Yes, I look cross-eyed in this one *shush

Hooray for neat hair! *for once
You can grab your own selfie stick for only $13 now on @

Thank you for reading!
Cheryl x

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