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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

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I am not exactly your typical girl who goes for manicure and pedicures once in a few weeks. Or.. have ever been to a nail parlour to pamper myself before. But that makes me extremely grateful and excited to be presented the opportunity to experience it for the first time.
Thank you Street Directory & Nail Candy for this!

I really didn't know what to expect and made a mistake of wearing covered shoes and missed out the chance of having nail polish on my toe nails. Regrets, regrets.
However, I had my share of their other incredible services!

Nail Candy Spa & Salon
A place where your nails are given a treat - from the top range of BCL SPA Organics Spa System, to their exclusive use of safe and nourishing nail polishes.

Nail Candy focuses on using polishes that have lesser toxins in them which makes them safe for women who are pregnant as well as children! Something a lot of customers asked is that why they don't offer OPI nail polishes and that is because they focus on nail polishes which safer and healthier for the nails.
The interior of the shop was bright with comfortable cushion-filled seats for the customers. I think you would definitely feel like a princess there, which is one of the criteria we look for in nail parlours, am I right?
When I said I got to enjoy their other incredible services, I don't mean just applying of nail polishes. Before everything, they cleaned and shaped my nails; removing cuticles, dead skin underneath my feet and all that. The soles of my feet got so smooth after that. 

I actually have a little embarrassing secret about my toe nail. My last toe nail on both of my feet seems a little different.. Maybe there are too many cuticles on it that causes that but after that pedicure, they're looking so much better! In fact, they look normal now. Haha

An exfoliating scrub was applied all over the bottom half of my legs and arms. The scrub on the arms can be a little painful but it is still bearable. 

 This exfoliating scrub will moisturize your skin, leaving it smooth and silky.

After this, you will definitely enjoy them putting their mask on your legs and arms because it feels really cooling on the skin! The mask also helps whiten your skin. 

I was surprised to find that my legs were actually whiter than before after the mask was removed!
Btw, I am sorry the pictures are all of my legs and none of my hands because of obvious reasons...

They preformed a basic massage on my arms and legs thereafter with their massage cream. Painless and also quite comfortable. 

Considering the fact that I had a ball to attend in a few days at that point in time, I tried choosing colours that would match my outfit that day. I was going for a classier look and the lady suggested red. 
I was initially thinking of a shimmery silver or a shimmery blue-ish silver but then I went with red in the end because those colours would probably match my silver clutch a little too well. Haha.

I am relieved to have the staff suggest round-shaped nails for me because it makes my fingers look longer!

The next picture was taken 3 days after I did my nails, which is also the day I attended the ball. Look at how well it matches my outfit!

Definitely a satisfied experience. I was so thrilled that it happened to be near the day of the ball so I was able to have pretty nails on that day.

Interested to get whiter and smoother legs and arms? Interested to just pamper your nails or for a special occasion?
You can find out more about Nail Candy on their website:


112 Katong, #01-36
112 Katong East Coast Road
Singapore 428802

Thank you for reading,
Cheryl x

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