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CNY 2014 Day 2

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I did promise this post was coming soon after the "Day 1" was up, didn't I? Maybe I shouldn't have jinxed it!

I think you'd enjoy pictures from this post though because it is full of my little furry friend, Toffee. I am so thrilled with how all the pictures turned out!
I think I kind of went a little brave in playing with patterns and decided to buy a loud flower patterned pants as part of the outfit. You need to be brave once in a while with fashion, you know? (if you're not always brave)
Didn't regret it.

Actually did not have time to do my hair properly so please don't judge. Hahaha

I think Toffee's better at this amateur modeling than I am. Haha


My sister's camera focusing skills is brilliant. -.- But i'll let Toffee have the spotlight because he looks adorable here!

I mean, I just don't get why he's extremely photogenic especially during Chinese New Year, you know? Really, this picture..


 Candid! Not a very glamorous side view...

I think taking a picture with our grandmothers every Chinese New Year has somehow became a tradition now

Thennnn we decided to use Toffee as a prop. Not in a bad way!

 One of my favourites among the lot because he was looking directly at the camera and so were we.
Definition of picture-perfect.
My other favourite. Need I say more?

I always get really excited to share the pictures I took for Chinese New Year with you and hopefully i'm able to make you guys feel the joy through the scroll of a lengthy picture post! 

If you managed to make it through here, thank you for reading! 

Cheryl x

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