My Hunt For Nude Pumps

Friday, February 21, 2014

You must be thinking what is so interesting about my hunt for my nude pumps for Chinese New Year. Truth is, well, it is not directly about my hunt. It was the food I had while hunting for my pumps. Haha. Although my hunt did not exactly go well at Jcube & Westgate because I ended not buying anything from there, I did, however, get to try some new food at 2 new places which I have never tried before. (:

It has been such a long time since I shared about food I can't remember the last time I did it. I missed it! I'm sure you guys enjoy looking reading and looking at food more than my face. *don't tell me 

Love their coasters

Don't make fun of me for only having try Bangkok Jam for the first time ok. I am guessing a lot of you have tried it thousands of times. But some of you haven't, I'm sure of it! *at least let me believe it

I wasn't very sure of what to order because I don't know if every dish would suit my taste so I decided to go safe and ordered a plate of spaghetti in some coconut gravy. 

At least I thought it was safe before I tasted it.. Maybe it was the coconut gravy I am not used to but it kind of tasted a little like vomit to me but don't take my word for it. My mom tasted it and she kind of liked it. So I switched my dish with hers(with was a much much safer dish fyi).

TADAH. Initially my mom's dish until I ditched mine.

It was basically 星洲米粉(I tried translating it but it was weird but it's vermicelli ) where you can get at a Zi Char stall. So yeah it was safe alright.. And so it actually tasted pretty good to me. (:

I was thinking of going for Pad Thai which is also in my list of "safe choices" but I thought why not try something new but safe instead of trying a Thai food you already tried before. My sister had that as her choice though. Regret not going with that, obviously.

She said it was gooooood. So you may want to choose this instead of my spaghetti dish if you are not very sure of Thai dishes. Haha

Mom HAD to order some extra side dishes because that's what she does -.- From that face, you can tell I wasn't looking forward to it what with the "staying on the safe side" thing going on. 

 The one of the left side is kind of like a Popiah; thai edition. To be honest, I was pretty worried at how it would taste, that it would not be appealing to me. But to my surprise, it tasted not so bad. Fresh, I guess? With all vegetables inside. (no chives or parsley, thank god) <-- i="" main="" my="" those="" were="" worries="">

The one on the right are their chicken wings? Question mark because they were all strangely small with not much meat in each of them.. Are chicken wings in Thailand like these? They tasted like average though. Just not very satisfying not having much meat. Haha

This dish took me by complete surprise. I thought it was really interesting how they could make a fruit into a side-dish like this. Really creative. (: 
If you can't make it out, it is Pomelo they are using. It tasted pretty good  with the combination of Pomelo's slight sourness and sweetness with how they top it off with some cashew nuts and slight spicy sauce. 

If you need more details or intend to try Bangkok Jam, the information and link may help! 

Great World City
1 Kim Send Promenade
Singapore 237994
Tel: 6732 4523

Wheelock Place
501 Orchard Road 
Singapore 238880
Tel: 6836 0989

Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road
Singapore 238839
Tel: 6341 9188

50 Jurong Gateway Road,
Singapore 608549
Tel: 6268 9960 
After our lunch at Bangkok Jam, Valerie came to join us for a slight 30 minutes(lol not exaggerating). We just couldn't miss taking pictures while we can. 

 You are allowed to ignore my nostrils because nobody's nostrils are flattering...

It was kind of sad she had to leave after our short 1 minute photo-taking session and couldn't join us for dinner. 

Which brings me to my next new dining place I have to share with you! 

It is one of the most unique Japanese restaurants I have seen. The dishes it serves are interesting like ones I have never seen before. Especially when it comes to how they have options between BLACK, WHITE and SPICY soup. And with the options of whether you want the noodles and soup to be together or have them separated. 

White and spicy soup seems a little too common. What aroused my curiosity was the black soup. Something I have never tried before. SO I WENT FOR IT. 

I was praying it doesn't stain me teeth like Squid Ink Spaghetti does. Haha, no i'm kidding. I was just hoping.
I am pretty sure it was mentioned that the black soup consists of garlic. The taste turned out to be pretty good except that it's too salty. 

The Cha Shu did not turn out to be as good as I expected it to be. I don't remember having a disappointing Cha Shu in a Japanese Restaurant before.. The meat was too hard for a Japanese Cha Shu and also doesn't taste right..

I guess I was pretty lucky I didn't order it together with noodles in it. Unlike my sister and mom who ordered  the same dish but of white soup. 

Guess they would regret ordering it like that because their soup are all too salty to drink. But it's good if you just eat it the way I did. Separately. So you only need to dip it before you eat. ;)

My aunt ordered the spicy one. Looks pretty good huh. Curious enough to make you go try?

On top of all that, we also ordered a pudding as dessert. 

 I thought it was a bowl in a bowl initially. Did you?

Didn't know that was pudding. Haha, that is pretty embarrassing. But so did  everyone else who were present there, in my defence! 

Anyway, the pudding is of black sesame. Ordered by my mom because she has quite the obsession with black sesame desserts. It was a little bland and very milky, which is acceptable after all the heavy-tasting noodles and soup we had. 

Alright, if I managed to make you hungry and tempted, I have a website of theirs which shows their menu and more information if you need any! 

I was going to post their store locations but there are wayyyy too many and they have an excellent store locator so here's a direct link to it:

That is all I have for you now! I have a lot more food posts coming up so stay tuned ok! Subscribe to my blog at the right sidebar to keep you updated if I posted any! Or just follow my social media platforms. I do announce on there as well. Haha. See you & thank you for reading! 


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