CNY 2014 Day 1

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The time has come to another Chinese New Year and this time, in  2014. How did your CNY go? Did you receive more ang paos than you expected? I hope so! I guess what kids look forward to most during CNY is to get red packets. For me, it is getting red packets AND wearing new clothes and taking amateur modeling pictures of myself. Hahaha

This year was different though. Everything was a mess. If you are following my dayre, you'd know that I lost of Grandmother just right when Chinese New Year is approaching. There are so many traditional rules to follow that Chinese New Year wasn't as good as what I anticipated it to be..

I collected like 2 red packets this Chinese New Year and also did take vain pictures but just not that many. I am pretty happy with all the pictures despite everything, though (:

Got up for the first day of Chinese New Year not early like previous years at all. Didn't even have the urge to paint my nails and do my hair nicely. I'm just lucky I got my hair looking decent without trying too hard.

The first picture was taken with the lens I very much don't like when I bring out to events because it can't be zoomed. But it works pretty well with portraits and outfit pictures! Love how that picture turned out. (:

Of course, this year's Chinese New Year does not involve visiting both of my Grandma's place. We decided to all gather at my Aunt's place instead. It was  honestly speaking, quite boring. Except when Valerie, my sister and I went a little creative when we decided to take some amateur modeling pictures and watched "The Tuxedo" in Valerie's room. Haha those were the highlights of that day pretty much.

Val & me. #valnomakeup

Remember when I say creative?It includes thinking out of the box...
 Like what Valerie is doing. Haha
 She is really into creative poses like that 
 Well then my sister's more like this..
 Then.... she got influenced.

 Then i'm alone like that. But still happy. Haha.

Last 2 pictures were ones I told Valerie to pose. Thought I did portray that artistic vibe pretty well in those! What do you think? Out of 10, maybe a 9? HAHA

You can make out my facial expression at the back when Valerie stole my spotlight. lol

You may find the 3 shots very similar and you're not wrong. Was trying to get a perfect shot and don't know which one is better so I posted 3 of those. But you can look at it from another perspective. They are of different angles. *ohmygod you so want to punch my face right now, I know

Not sure what this is supposed to capture. But I'm going to go for "Valerie is trying to capture my.. uh.. hair parting"

Love this shot I took of my sister! Could easily name this "The Golden Hour" and it would fit perfectly.

Well not all shots are pretty. Ready to see my dopey face? It's very seldom you get to see this through pictures but I really like the effect so i'm going to post it. Enjoyyyy ;)

I hope you're laughing because I don't want to post this picture for nothing! 

Sister giving the sorrowful face for some reason..

This whole totally candid. I was telling Valerie about how to take this picture and telling her I wasn't ready and laughed when she snapped the picture. Haha. Thanks, Val. It turned out not bad afterall (:

How modelistic is this shot! I think I deserve a pat on the back for my directing skills to take this shot. Also thanks to Val's sexy bod for it to be easily achieved. Haha

Timer shots are ones that, of course, we CANNOT miss doing!

 FYI, I certainly did not decide to pose in this awkward position. It's just that I was rushing to get in frame and Valerie pulled me by the arm and I was just like "heck it. I shall pose like this because I have no time to change anyway" LOL

This is pretty much the closest to perfect shot we got by timer. Hahaha

Just one more of my face and I am done with vain pics, really.

As promised! So now it's Toffee's turn :D 

Haha don't ask. Idk why either..

Sorry... Sure you wouldn't mind if it's just my eyes right! 
And I didn't mean to break my promise but I realised I took some pictures myself when I got home oops?

Haha your tolerance level should be pretty high if you're still here. Thank you so much for your patience! 


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  1. Valerie10:52 AM

    My tolerance is quite high to read finish. Lol

  2. AHAHA. I appreciate that. But I think it's because you couldn't stop scrolling down for more pictures of yourself :p


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