Friday, September 07, 2012

This post may be a help of a lot of Singaporeans or Foreigners out there! *uhm who are currently in Singapore

Title says it all. It is soooo hard to find Stinky Tofu nowadays because of how people complained about its smell. BUT found a place which sells that!

Picture first:

For those of you who don't know what that is ..

1) Stinky Tofu: WIKI SAYS

2) Stinky Tofu: I SAY.. it's a Tofu which LITERALLY smells like shit. But it's not made out of shit. Just.. fermented to be that way. 

Why are there still people who likes to eat them you say?
Because it doesn't taste like shit and can taste really good, in fact. unbelievably true!

Enough blabbering. For those who awaited the address of that place ..................................... *drumrolls.........

Geylang Lor 41 
星仔(Xing Zai) 

I thought their smelly tofu was not bad. VERY CRISPY on the outside.
Just remember, if you smell shit, it's not the toilet.
No... My blog post isn't going to be this short. They sell other food there too. Soooo a food review about some which I tried! 

Lime juice I had *sorry I just had to take a picture of everything

One of their good food...................


Especially loveeee that they put so much bean sprouts :D
Has a home-feel to it. It tasted really good!

Ordered its dumplings and thought it was going to look something like this:

*image obviously not mine 

Turned out to look like this:

Soooo like a tad bit disappointed because it doesn't look as appetizing. :(
Tasted alrightttt.
Had some duck noodles they had. Looks like LOR MEE.

First thought: Looks yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
When I tasted it, it tasted weird. You know how you can't explain a weird taste? Yeah.

But I think after you've tasted it a few times, it tasted ohkay. Because that's what happened for me. Haha.
My sister was craving for Pig Trotter Vinegar. Personally, I think she craves for it 24/7 for some reason.
So here it is:

Gravy; the main thing of this dish. It was ohkay. Nothing very special really. Just tasted normal. 

Thought the pig trotter meat is really hard though. I expected it to be soft. :/ 

Overall, hmmm you can tell I'm not extremely satisfied with the food there. But i guess the fried rice and smelly tofu still deserve your attention. Try them [: 

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  1. i m starving :( good pics!

  2. Hahaha. Did my post make you hungry?! Thank youuuu :D


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