Mom's Birthday @ Jack's Place

Friday, August 10, 2012

Soooo this post should be posted on 15th July. Rather late with this, sorry.  BLOG POST ABOUT MY MOM'S BIRTHDAY!

Jack's Place is probably VERY well known to you guys already and seems a little stupid to do a food review? But then I thought, not all of you have tried ALL the dishes at Jack's Place . Right ? Huh huh? :D

Had the most exciting dish of my life. Call me inexperienced I agree. But .. SO exciting that dish is.

Randomly, a sky picture I took in a rush . I KINDA HAVE AN OBSESSION FOR TAKING PICTURES OF SKY. FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM! @crayyzee

Then I realized .. This is going to be a post with lots of food pictures. Peoples' missing my face :o
So then I took this in the car ^-^ #nomakeup *i may look disastrious xD

Oh before I start on the tempting-you session, my family and I were all discussing on how we want the steak to be cooked. Here's an interesting picture !

Thought that was a good guideline. Haha. My family and I have always ordered in medium rare and seems hard :/

So rare seems like the perfect steak as stated above. I actually tried RARE. They were all sticking to medium rare. LOL.

Right right .... I'M STARTING !

Jack's place, obviously :D

Garlic bread as appetizer like most restaurants do it

I noticed how little pictures I post of myself when I blog about food so .
Nom nom nommmmm *yes, I notice how unsexy my hair was -.-

Got a hold of my sister's unglam picture HOHO

 It's the BIRTHDAY MOM ! Ohkay ... Sooo she was not facing the camera.

Our drinks ! *nothing special though

Top left : Root Beer 
Top right: PRO Juice GL (as written on receipt :x)
Bottom left: Mango Jelly Float 
Bottom right: Iced Mango Cooler
We ordered other appetizers ! Mmmm were they good . 

It tasted .... pretty ohkay .

Lobster Crab Mushroom (lob crab mush as stated on receipt :s )

Honestly, idk why they called it that.. Didn't taste the lobster nor the crab. But I tasted cheese on Mushroom. Which is ... AN AMAZING COMBINATION.
For the main dish ...
1) Surf and Turf 
I think for those who don't want to just only have beef, that spaghetti is a pretty good "side-dish" to go with! Aglio-Olio style . :D 
*have been liking Aglio-Olio spaghetti for a while now. Are you a fan of it?

2) Sambal Steak 
Looks pretty normal . But it's called Sambal for a reason . 
A little spiciness can never be bad in beef yeah? ~
3) Jack's Special Steak  
Jack's Place Special Steak ! 
This one looks special .. With all the mushrooms. 
4) Fire Steak
*and so I put mine last because there is more than one picture. Because it involves a live show and I just HAD to snap! Regretted not bringing a camera. Had I known I'm going to have the most EXCITING dish of my life, I would have brought it. 
Lesson learnt.

So the waiter was all standing there and then it lighted the steak with fire . Haha kinda . 

 Pooshhh ~ Ended .

And here's the steak with a little smoke ~ 
Noticed how red the meat is ? I ordered it as Rare . *side note: It is only safe to try when yours is coming on a hot plate! And so I did. Turned out pretty good. 

I swear it would be scary as hell if you had rare on a regular plate. I was pretty scared when I saw how red the meat was and was desperately pressing the meat on the plate to make sure they cooked it better. HAHA.

While I was in the midst of indulging in my food, I.JUST.CAN'T.HELP.IT :

Then at this point I realised I am obsessed with this kind of potatos. Who wouldn't be?! ugh, HEAVEN.

Btw, the beef we ordered are all fat-free. My family and I usually prefer the ones with fat. But oh well, new things are worth the try and not disappointed ! 


We will meet againnnnnn ~  

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