Thursday, September 22, 2011

it is a very strange thing isn't it . sometimes when you don't want to be reminded of something, that something will appear in your dream . but sometimes when you do, it just doesn't wanna appear in them .

ohkay that picture's out of total randomness

long time since i had a good topic to talk about . but ! today my lovely cousin, Valerie, has given me some ideas . HAHAHA . you guys are gonna love this .
*fyi, i did ask her for permission to post this 

you know how humans tend to dream of something they think about before they go to sleep ?

hmm strangely it didn't really happen to me in the past. i tend to dream of the thing i did not think about . but recently, dreams has been very against me . they have been letting me dream of the things that i do think about . not something i wanted so damn .

enough of my dreams . i shall reveal HER dreams . she actually had 3 dreams altogether yesterday night .

you can guess what she was thinking yesterday night before she went to sleep . ;D

Dream 1 : 
- she was outside . she saw a couple *A GUY & A  GUY* 
so there was this guy who wanted to take a picture of this couple . she saw him and asked "you want to snap a picture of them is that right ?" *in chinese
and then they quarrelled . because she's against him of anyhow snapping peoples' pictures . 
LOL . sucha weird dream to have right .
*yeah that was what i thought . she must be thinking about gays before she went to sleep . haha
not that i have anything against them . so no worries .


Dream 2 : *i swear this one is H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S
- she dreamt she was on STOMP . before that, i should tell you guys about this incident a few months ago . she fell down the stairs in public . 
so her dream was that there was this title on stomp that says "GIRL FELL DOWN THE STAIRS BECAUSE SHE WANTS TO FEEL AWESOME"  
HAHAAHA OMG . i know it's hard to control your laughter now . sorry and that was why i had to ask permission . i have to say, it is one awesome title ! *this is probably a mix of her reading stomp and thinking about the day she fell down the stairs mixed altogether 


Dream 3 :
- don't think this one is that interesting . but pretty strange . she dreamt that we all have to go to our grandma's house for this day to pray to our grandpa . and then our cousin has this new gun . a real one . *that was what i thought. yeah that would make it very interesting . 
but nope, a fake one . our cousin is not as young as you thought to play fake guns i think . so they were playing with it and shooting at a useless plate . and then all of a sudden, they were shooting at the grandpa's "name plate" *if you know what i mean
hmm this one, i have no idea what she was doing or thinking before she sleep . violent thoughts ? dangerous girl >:D


oh well . strange is dream . dream is strange . how strange can your dream be ? [:

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