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Friday, May 21, 2010

i am still here this late at night because i feel like i owe you guys something somehow . i guess i haven't been posting much and i'm very sorry about that .
Soooo, i'm here !! i just know it, shut it
these pics are like really overdate dued but oh well who cares . they're pics still !!
You see how old they are when i say "they're taken on my birthday". yeah, that old.
why these pics ? because i just had them copied from Sandy and i gotta post them somewhere so here they are....*note that the pics are not in sequence

so yeah we went KTV :D why is there a banner written in chinese ? weird. makes this place looks kinda old and creepy uurrhhh ~

ohkay ... this is dark i know . and i look like a ghost in that hair .
why does my smile look so weird in this one ?

yes i'm 18 !! so i can order these drinks . 2 FOR THEM . er hem ~ i still think mine's the nicest .
and so you must be thinking the birthday girl gets doted on her birthday . and see how they treated me ...
they are so bad aren't they

see me finishing all of them with a smile

bad photoshooting skills adeline, bad *for those of you who don't know what i'm talking about, this position of the camera makes my leg look fatter >.<

and i thought i'm the one who's into singing. now see who has a bigger mouth LOL

"eh why are you there ?!" *i'm just making up my own quotes

ahh peace, sandy, peace

oh, my birthday cake finally shows up . haha . sorry pics are not in sequence .

yes yes, the typical "prank" during birthdays

"i wish i can go to the US. please please please"

Adeline & me

Sandy & me

and us 3 !! :D

and us 3 shot 2 ! *forgot which one is the 1st and which one is the 2nd ? uh, why am i mentioning this ? zZZ
well a blog update feels good !

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