Monday, May 24, 2010


yyyyeeeeeesssss !! finally !!!! finally i have the time to blog about this . it is my promise to myself and to my readers that i would do it so here i am . and i'm EXCITED about it !! :D

most of you guys probably know that I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER already . why, you ask me ? because he's amazing . why, you ask me ? because he sings well, he's cute(ohkay, although he's younger than me), he tries to notice his fans more than any celebrity do .

let's start off with his pic !! taken from his twitter .

so i'm starting from the very beginning. where IDK WHO JUSTIN BIEBER is . yeah, now when people don't know who Justin is, i'd totally go "WHAT?!" and you'd think i didn't start off not knowing Justin but actually i did .

so the question is now HOW DID I KNOW HIM AFTER ?
simply from twitter . i was looking at his profile on twitter(idk how linked to that page, though) and saw that it's verified .

the first thing i ask myself-HE'S A CELEBRITY ? i know, stupid question but you can't blame me
and then i found out that he sings . and for that moment, i think he sang pretty well . and then i found out also that he is TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM OTHER CELEBS . i was really shocked and surprised to find that he actually try to reply tweets and also send DMs to his fans . one tweet he replied to his fan totally caught my attention and that was when i became a SMALL fan of his . the tweet goes something like this "my mum says if @justinbieber notices me, she'd give me *** bucks" guess what he replied ? his style is to retweet the whole thing and reply . like this "my mum says if @justinbieber notices me, she'd give me *** bucks -- pay up haha" .

want to know what got me to become quite a BIG fan of his ?

this thing totally got me sooooo gaga over him . like WOW, he's amazing .
what is it ?


Lyrics :

Just a fraction of your love
fills the air ~
and i fall in love with you
all over again
ooo ~
You're the light that feeds the sun
in my world ~
I'd face a thousand words of pain
for my girl irl irl irl ~
Out of all the things in life
that i could fear ~
The only thing that would hurt me
is if you weren't here ~
Woah oo oh oh oh ~

I don't want to go back
to just being one half
of the equation
Do you understand what I'm saying ?
Girl without you i'm lost
Can't fix this compass at heart
Between me and love
You're the common denominator
Oh, oh, woah ~
You're the common denominator
Oh oh, woah ~

Before your was low
Playing girls was my high
You change the game now i put
my card to the side
eh ee ~
When broken hearts rise up to say love is alive ~
You and I will stand to be multiplied ~
ee yeah yeah yeah~
Out of all the things in life
that i could fear
The only thing that would hurt me
is if you weren't here ~
Woah ~


i can't imagine life without your touch
and every kiss that you gave
you fill me up ~
and through all the heart achin'
Jealous females hatin'
Imma hold it down for you, you ~


they use math to represent love . i mean, HOW COOL IS THAT . this song of his got me OFFICIALLY quite a big fan of his . EVERYTIME i listen to this song, it never fails to give me GOOSEBUMPS . i swear .

and slowly i gain lots of followers of twitter . a name for them : beliebers
yeah, Justin Bieber is capable of making new vocabs . now you agree he's amazing .

i didn't think i'd want him to follow him and all but one day, idk what changed my mind i suddenly wanted him to follow me on twitter .

about 2 months . yeah, 2 months . and seriously i didn't know i'd react like a crazy fan . i almost cried, omg . ohkay, this is very not like me, but i really reacted that way .
and in case you didn't know, i was at work as a warehouse clerk so i did get to go on twitter . alright, SNEAKING . *at least i'm honest
and i suddenly see myself gaining one follower so i clicked on the 121 follower on 4th March at 1.19pm. and there i saw ............ THERE HE IS .

and yes you notice the timings that i stated and the time i took this pic is different because you don't expect me to take the pic in the office do you . somemore my phone's camera have that stupid "ting" sound when taking photos WTH .

anyway, "OH MY BIEBER" that's how every girl would go, really . ohkay, and as so if you don't believe if he's real, his account is VERIFIED ohkay !!

overall, he's just a super great singer !


wish he could DM me ~~~~~ hey don't think that's not gonna happen !

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