Wednesday, May 20, 2009

woo ! exams are finally over for now . :DDDD
guess i'm gonna flunk in my A math , it's way difficult man . T.T

guess what did i do after i finished the last paper . clarke quay ! yes ! hahaha .
just ytd's thing . LOL .
sadly, there are not many caucasians there ytd .

there's one shocking thing that happened, though .
i was betting on monkey val to take the phone number from this caucasian guy who's wearing this green-white striped polo-T . ohkay, fyi, he's way HOT . >.<
i can't believe she really did it . the caucasian turned out to be really friendly . that's what val said . LOL .

val was really hao lian and kept on saying how good she was . -.-
she wanted me to post on blog . HERE HERE HERE .

oh right ! for the whole day, she was soooo obsessed with the koh joon pyo(don't know if i spell correctly or not) LOL . and for the whole day, she was saying his name and korean words . god's sake . HELP ME ~ (i was crying in my heart)
hahahaha .

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