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Tuesday, May 12, 2015


21st birthday? Gathering? Wedding? Baby's 1st month? There are bound to be at least one event in your life where you want to make a big deal of!
And when it comes to planning for a big event, what would be the first thing that comes to your mind?


*yes I do realise it's not a clue

Finding a suitable and good caterer can be a tedious process when there are so many caterers and doubts if they'd be good in terms of service and the food they offer! WHERE TO START OMG. Just thinking about it is enough to cause a headache...

Apparently, someone somewhere was way ahead of us and thought up of a quick and easy way to solve that problem.

A Singapore-based catering portal with over 100 food caterers and over 5,000 reviews & photos by past customers. 

Find your perfect caterer for different events with FoodLine's easy-to-use search engine using criteria such as budget, no. of guests, type of event and even specific dishes.
FoodLine offers hundred of different menus, styles and cuisines to choose from - from buffet or cocktail style catering, Indian or Italian cuisine and Halal and Vegetarian catering.
With all the caterers under one website for you to choose from, it really made everything much simpler and easier, doesn't it? It's also crazy how spoiled for choice you'd be! 

A few caterers available on FoodLine...

On top of that, if you're worried about the quality of the caterer, FoodLine got it covered! To assure quality, FoodLine made it so that the reviews provided by customers aka YOU affect the rankings of each caterer on the website. That'd definitely help narrow down a few good options for your event! 
*psstt, you can cash rewards for reviewing your caterer after your event too!

For customers who are looking for cake packages for BABY'S FIRST MONTH, FoodLine recently came up with a new "CAKE" section for that -

Putting aside all the benefits in looking for the best caterer using FoodLine, you'd also be able to earn cash rewards by using FoodLine as well! 
Surely you didn't miss my small, italic, pink note up above? *sarcasm intended*

FoodLine provides cash rewards to thank customers who return to post reviews of the catering services they received and it usually ranges from $10-$30! 


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