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Thursday, December 22, 2011

just by looking at the title makes you feel like screaming doesn't it ! 

yes, all thanks to those HOT GUYS ! 

like who wouldn't go crazy over them ? my god . so yes, no doubt i did go there . at quite the last minute . heard they'll end it on Thursday 5pm . but i went there to try my luck 

BAM !! 

and THAT is the reason why . 

well i guess it is a little disappointing to not get a picture with every one of the models but i guess people have to learn how to be satisfied . *still learning

oh well, i think i may avoid Orchard for a while now . to get over the grieve that i didn't manage to find out sooner about the HOT GUYS ALERT . 

oh blahhhhh 
life.is.so.unfair. pschtt

there were like what, 40 guys there on the 1st day if i'm not wrong . FUCKING 40 topless guys . -nose bleeds-

favourite one ? 

has to be these 2 ! 

-pic is "stolen" from fb- >;D

now you girls and gays can go masturbate ! toodles ~

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