Friday, August 14, 2009

hey guys . long time no see . bet you guys missed me . :D
well, to tell you guys, i'm not only allowed to use computer once a week . pathetic, huh ? T.T
oh, well .

so what have i been up to, you must have been wondering ?
SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL . WHAT ELSE ? shucks . boring ~
nothing much to blog about unless you wanna listen to my love story ? hahaha !

tata ! ;)

there's nothing i could say to you
nothing i could ever do to make you see
what you mean to me .
all the pain and tears i cried
still you never said goodbye
and now i know
how far you'd go .
i know i let you down
but it's not like that now
this time i'll never let you go .
i will be
all that you want .

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