Friday, July 17, 2009

went to school to day as usual . have a sense of acheivement :D i can follow A MATH afterall . omg . i think i'm god damn hardworking today . you have no idea .

have to buck up on my physics, though . there's a test today and i didn't study for it . T.T
i'll flunk real bad for this test . i know it .

SELF REFLECTION: let this be a step to know how capable i am in physics . so that i can buck up and move up towards a higher step . :D [always look on the bright side]

lovelove cam to my house after sch today to wait for erhem . LOL .
i don't think that's her main purpose, though .
*oops . slipped it away . :p

i bet she's got a lot to blog about today since she said she has . LOL .
A LOT OF BAD THINGS ABOUT ME . i just know it . so don't check it out .
* but since i told you not to check it out, you'll probably do the opposite . i know what my readers think ehh . :D

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