Saturday, July 12, 2008

hey guys !
sry tuhhs keep u waiting .
it's a long time since i post . Xp

the physics test that i jus took a few days ago,, it's a big failure ! i left a lot of qns blank . T.T
the ss test is coming . ARGH . i guess i'll die in this test too .
the math test is coming too . i think i can cope this one pretty well . :D

& the stupid dnt journal had not yet finish . ARRHH !!!
my life is occupied with all these STUPID SCHOOL THINGY .
it's jus sooo pathetic .

btw, there was an incident that happened this afternoon .
one of my love bird flew out of the window ! it's all bcos of my sister . she made the bird feel nervous, so it flew out . we went dwnstairs to search ferr it .
it was near the drain . when i wan to take it, it flew right into the middle of the road !!
OMG . luckily there were no cars so i went ferr it & grab it . haha . luckily i grab it in time . there were cars coming already . LOL .

that's all ferr it 2day larhs .
bye bye ! (:

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