Friday, January 18, 2008

hello guys !!!
i finally can blog again . :DDDDD

sch had strted & tis had been the third wk .
the english teacher is so ma fan can .
she say english compo canort write guy and fun time etc.
SLANG WORDS CANORT B USED IN COMPO ?! i study ferr yrs of sch then nw oni tis teacher say canort . -.-"

& wat else ?
i nw take A MATH ?!
man ,, it's really hard . i can't blive tat i m taking tis subject with my stupid brain . zZZ

& oso ,, they change my science combination tuhhx physics & chem .
well although it's nort as hard as bio bt it's oso hard . haha .

well ,, tis few wks hav been ohkay ferr mii . (:
shall stop here .
blog nxt time .


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